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Lugz Boots are Great for Snow!

Be Prepared for the Weather with Lugz
Lugz Makes Great Snow Boots

When I moved back to Indiana all I had were my faithful summer shoes, which means they were basically fancy flip flops and for those that know the weather doesn’t always stay warm. In fact we would quickly get rain, summer again, rain again, torrential rain, etc.

I knew I’d have to get something warm and with the winter months coming I’d probably want to lean more towards boots, actually Lugz. I mean who wouldn’t when you are about to get snow. The only problem was this year we wouldn’t get snow before Christmas like I originally thought, in fact we had a Spring-like Christmas…it was almost as if I had never left Twentynine Palms.

Lugz Boots
My Lugz Boots Arrived!

I’m a boots kind of girl as it is, I have giant feet at least that’s how I feel when I go shoe shopping. In fact normally when I go shoe shopping for boots, sandals, heels, etc I end up not getting anything because they are too ugly or make my feet look like clown feet. The ones I see that I want aren’t in my size, which always makes me feel sad. I want cute shoes!

I want to look adorable in the feet department. I’m not the only one that has this issue, my 15 year old daughter is now going through the big foot sadness. I feel for her because I know all too well how it feels. So you can imagine how excited I was when Lugz wanted me to review a pair of shoes, to which I picked out boots and sent them my shoe size expecting it to be a no, sorry your feet are simply too big. They didn’t, in fact they had a ton of shoes, cute, not cute, practical, you name it they were all in my size. Woo hoo! Happy feet day for me. You honestly have no clue how it is until you walk a mile in my shoes. haha.

Lugz boots inside
Inside Lugz boots

I had fun looking for shoes at Lugz. Head on over and take a peek, tell me what you would like. My daughter has a shopping list for me now for there. I picked out Women’s Tambora boots in a size 11. I told you I had big feet. But I wanted to add how nice these looked when they came. The y arrive in their bright orange box and are safely tucked inside. The boots do not allow water in, I’ve actually had boots that gave you air so water escaped inside.

Not a good thing. The inside of the boots are cushioned which not only adds to the boot but it makes it super soft for your feet and keeps them warm. It’s been snowing outside and I’m so happy I have these boots, the other day the kids did a snow fight with me and my feet never got cold. I love these!

My oldest wanted to buy me a pair of boots for Christmas but I told him no need since I knew these would be coming out. I will not be replacing my boots any time soon and chances are if you know me you know these boots will be worn every single day that I can. My daughter approves of these boots I think more because of the military design. So I’ll probably be sharing my boots from time to time.

As you can see my Lugz Tambora boots are both mom and daughter approved so if you need a nice pair of boots that are durable or some snow boots these are the type to get. Give them a try and let me know what you think. There’s no reason to get sick from not wearing the right type of shoes.

Snow in Indiana
Lugz are great for snow

Disclosure: I was sent the product mentioned above in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. We don’t get a lot of snow around here, but I bet these would work with all of the rain we get.

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