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Living in the Mojave Desert

Every morning I wake around 6a.m., maybe it is because currently in Indiana it would be 9a.m. and that is way past time to be awake. When waking up at 6a.m. in California you are waking just as the sun has already begun to come up so you either have just missed the sunrise or are just in time to watch the sky change colors. The sky might be a few different shades of light blue, pink, purple or even orange. One day I’ll catch it for you and post it. I never think about it as I am watching it.

Mojave Desert Morning
In the Mojave Desert, there is a big change from living in Indiana, for one you do not have the humidity, but you do have the dry heat. Already Little A and BalletGirl have experienced nose bleeds because of this, thankfully they seemed to be adjusting. Another difference is you can see everything for miles, upon miles, upon miles. This is great, if you are the type that gets claustrophobic, love the desert or love the color brown. Myself, I’m still a green girl, I miss the plains and meadows. It is always quiet here too, course that is the small town life. You don’t really hear things like you would in the big city, which is funny because Greenwood, Indiana isn’t considered a big city but compared to hear it might as well be. At night, morning …oh heck, anytime of the day you get quiet and you can listen to the sounds of mother nature. You can hear the ravens cawing (sp), watch as a dove flies overhead, hear a howl of a coyote at night, etc. Back in Greenwood, you might of heard some of nature’s calls but you also heard a lot of traffic, emergency vehicles, etc. Out here another big difference is how far apart everything is. In Indiana you could drive a few miles to get somewhere, out here the closest Walmart/kmart is about 30-45 minutes away. Another change for me are the people, there are so few people out here compared to there and as you drive around you begin to notice that if it weren’t for the people that actually lived in each town you’d almost thing they could pass as ghost towns. Have you ever went from a heavily traffic city to a small town? What did you think of the difference? Was it easy or hard to adjust to living there? Which was better to you?

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