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Oh we recently got a package in the mail with some GREAT songs by Sara Evans in it but besides the songs we also go VEGGIES. You know the one thing most kids protest, thankfully mine actually welcome the gross green things.

With school recently starting many of us are wondering how we’ll ever get the family back to the table. Am I right? Well there are ton of ways you can actually do this, in fact even before I got my package I was aiming at this. For instance I must make sure everyone gets to the table before we all head here to the library. For us this is easy since the kids aren’t in sports and we are between college courses at the moment. But for many it is a struggle. My suggestion is first aim for AT LEAST once a week and this does not include the weekends.

Did you know that 61% of moms state that they don’t eat meals with the family? It’s true, there are sports, work, school, college, hanging with friends, etc that just tie up the day.

So as you can see you are not alone. What should you do? First head on over to Libby’s back to the Table and check out what they have to say. There’s a list of ways other families are bringing back their family together time. For my family we tend to go around the table listing what we did that day. One thing we enjoyed and one thing we did not. I love their #3 for reasons to do it:

Good Conversation Builds Confidence

Thanks once again to MomCentral for letting me take part in this. I’ve loved the music during dinner and the ideas have definitely sparked up the conversation at dinner time.

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