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Last Day of School Rituals

Today is the last day of school. What does that mean to me? Simple, now I get to have all the fun I want with my kids. last day schoolYes, as I stated to a few people today, I am that mom that counts down until the kids are released for summer vacation because I can’t wait to play with them. In fact, every year (until this year) I have always been prepared to attack my kids as they came home. Before you think I hurt my kids (obviously you don’t read my blog very often if you think that) I fill up water balloons all day until it is time for them to come home. As each one arrives they are water bombed, of course I am fair so once I hit them I toss one to them and then it is an all out war. We do this with each one as they come in.rain clouds

Do you have any last day of school rituals? I’ve seen some do a water balloon toss back and forth. Others have the pools out, slip-n-slides ready and there is always the whipping cream ready to spray at the kids if you don’t use silly string. Yes, I’ve done silly string too.. in fact I’ve done all the above. Since it is a Friday Night, we normally go to Redbox and pick a movie or two to watch that night. Now you can’t go watch a movie without popcorn and junk food, so yes off to the store we would go and pick ice cream, toppings, etc. Don’t forget the last day of school pizza for dinner either.

So why am I not doing the ritual? Take a peek at the pic above. Yep, we are expecting rain all day, already got slammed with it this morning. Hope you enjoy your last day of school everyone!  Make some lasting memories of your summer vacation!

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  1. Julie Maloney (@Momspective) says:

    My son will have to continue to go to school twice a week for a few hours a day throughout the entire summer because he has a learning disability and can’t miss out on continued education but we celebrate the fact that he doesn’t have to go every day. Luckily it doesn’t start until 9AM so we don’t have to wake up so early to get him there! Other than that we’ll be poolside as we already have been since spring has sprung here in South Carolina!

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