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Interviews at Writerspace

Here’s a list of interviews I did at Writerspace back in 2002, sadly the site no longer has this particular page and all the interviews are gone. If you know of an author that would like to be interviewed by me just drop me a line. I know there were more but these are all that I have found so far, continue to check back for more recent updates.

Julia Beard
Brenda Novak
Deborah Simmons
Kathie DeNosky
Jenna Mills

For your information, I am always willing to review a book and do an interview. Interviews can be conducted via email. I send you a group of questions and you simply answer them and send them back. Typically I do ask for a bio picture of the author,  an image of the book if it isn’t already on Amazon, and of course the book itself. How can I ask questions if I haven’t read it yet. Feel free to drop me an email asking for an interview/review.

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