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Interview with Kim Burton

Have you ever wondered just how celebrities get their kids to eat their dinner, which includes all those vegetables? Find out how Kim Burton does it.

Kim Burton- Getting Kids to Eat Dinner

interview with kim burton

Earlier today I got the privilege of interviewing Kim Burton, wife to Jeff Burton, Nascar Driver. Kim has teamed up with Libby’s Back to the Table and help moms on the go or just pressed for time. She will do this by sharing with us her favorite recipes and tips on how to get the kids all to sit down at the same time and enjoy the meal, even when they don’t like what’s at the table.

Do You Struggle Getting Kids to Eat Veggies?

How many of ya’ll eat at home with your kids all at the table? Okay, I see a few hands but not all. Those of you that actually do, do you do this every day? Okay I see a few heads nodding but not all. So, basically this should help everyone that has children.

Me: How do you spend dinner with the family?
Kim Burton: We like to try for at least three nights a week. Families that eat together, stay together.

She also discussed how they tend to basically live in a motor home that follows the race so the entire family can be together. I think this is one of the best things, it is hard enough when one member of the family has to be away from the family but this seems to be a life where that would be constant.

The family tends to stay inside the motor home though instead of going out and eating like many would do. Why? She wants to spend quality time with her husband and kids, when they go to a restaurant they end up spending much of that time with the fans and press. glad she was able to find a way to make racing and family work together. For those that don’t know, Kim is a mother to two children, a girl and a boy.

Kim Burton was approached by Libby’s and asked to partner up with them, be there “On the Go Mom” that would help share her knowledge of eating healthy and being with your family at dinner time. Kim accepted.

Me: Why did you join up with Libby’s?
Kim Burton: It sounded like a lot of fun and I believed in the family values they have. I’m all about family meals and getting my kids to eat healthy. Right now Libby’s Get Back to the Table is having a contest where mom’s share ideas on how to make healthy dinners using Libby’s Vegetables. There will be 5 winners that go to New York and do a cook off with Sara Evans and one grand prize winner will get to take their family of 4 to Daytona.

What Kim doesn’t mention is she is keeping a blog on the site as well about her experience as the Libby’s Mom and the race. But not to worry I’ve added the link called Hannah’s Blog. She talks about the day and trying out the new Libby’s recipes that are at the tent and on the site. I’m going to have to try the meatloaf she mentions and the cornbread. Hannah from Total Mom Makeover and Hannah, Help Me also blogs there.

Me: How do you get your family to eat a healthy meal when you are always on the road or at the tracks?
Kim Burton: We grill a lot, well Jeff does. But that helps a lot. Sometimes I get the kids involved in cooking too.

Me: What are a few of your favorite quick and easy meals?
Kim Burton: Pasta and seafood. I love lobster.

Sounds like we’d have a great time out, I too share the love for seafood.

Me: Do you have any tips for making a quick meal?
Kim Burton: Mac n cheese with veggies in it, there are also crock pot meals and by involving the kids it can make it quicker to cook a meal.

While I’ve made mac n cheese I’ve never tossed in veggies but will have to try it out tonight. I have tossed in hot dogs and beans on the side. I do toss veggies in top ramen though.

Me: How do you get your kids eat the green stuff?
Kim Burton: Hide it in the food, I put it in mac cheese or rice. Just chop it up very thin or resort to bribery.

I’m going to try hiding the veggies today, hopefully it’ll fly. I’ll report back this weekend sometime on that.

I also got to ask Kim if she had any funny stories on trying to get her kids to eat something. My story was when my 3 year old didn’t eat meat, but we slipped and got her chicken nuggets from McDonald’s as we were moving and on the road. Next thing I hear is fly birdie fly, she was chucking the nuggets out the window so she could save them.

Kim’s Story: We were at school and all the kids were eating grapes but mine wouldn’t. I asked him just to try it and see what he’d think. He put the grape in his mouth and immediately got sick.

Okay, guess he won’t be eating those again.

But Jeff Burton isn’t the only family member that’s been in a Nascar. That’s right, Kim recently had a chance. Kim Burton got to get inside The #31 Caterpillar Crew.

Me: How did it feel to be part of the pit crew challenge?
Kim Burton: Dan blizzard got the idea a few weeks prior actually. Once they are done with their jobs on the car they must roll the race car so far and get it across first, without turning it on. They needed the lightest person in the car to roll it.

Me: How did you feel to be asked?
Kim Burton: Honored and nervous. I w
as worried about stopping it right. You have to keep pumping the brakes. Then the car didn’t stop immediately and it was going right at the fans.

For those that didn’t get to watch, Kim/Jeff Burton team did win the Pit Crew Challenge. The team had very few mistakes which is what got them to the victory. Congratulations to the team! Thank you Kim for a wonderful interview.

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