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I’m Your Origami Owl Consultant!

I am so excited about my past few months venturing into Origami Owl as a designer and while my life has been pretty hectic but I am still trucking along. I know I could be so much further along on this ladder if I had only focused because Origami Owl is such easy jewelry to sell. I mean really it has sold itself many times while I am in dream land, however I am coming to you today to help me out and to let you know about it. I would LOVE to either get some major sells, parties (online) or consultants under me. Why? Because it would help me out financially and I know I can do this. As many of you know I’m a stay at home/work at home mother to five kids. 5! Yes, I did say five great kids, one of which will graduate this school year. The first time I saw these I fell in love, even more when I hear all my kids could fit into one.

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What is Origami Owl?
While I know not everyone knows about it but many people do. Origami Owl is “a leading custom jewelry company known for telling stories through our signature Living Lockets, personalized Charms, Bracelets and Earrings.” Basically you get to express yourself in a way no one else can. You pick out what you want and what each piece means to you. On August 18th there was a ton of items released for  Origami Owl’s Fall and by that I mean there are over 300 charms to choose from, a bridal line, military charms (I had to throw that in there), the Core line, leather bracelets and even the lanyards (so for all you professionals that must wear one now you can do it with some style or sparkle). Oh and for those that love earrings, we even have those.


Our Founder:

Bella Weems is the owner/designer of Origami Owl and the truth is she was only a mere teen when she introduced the world to it. Imagine being 14 years old and being told by your parents the only way you can get a car by your 16th birthday is by getting a job. Sure enough she wanted that car and ended up getting it after she created Origami Owl. Today, she is a teen millionaire that just graduated high school. This company isn’t just about Isabella Weems becoming a millionaire, if you know me you know I love anything that has a good cause and helps others out.

Origami Owl Teams up with ChildHelp. For those that do not know Childhelp exists to prevent child abuse, neglect and all forms of bullying. Origami Owl actually has three charms in which all proceeds goes to the organization: The Bullyproof shield (blue shield with Bully Proof in silver and a silver heart on it), The Silver Heart Hand and the silver dove with the word “Childhelp” on it. You all know how I feel towards bullying since I have now had all my school-aged children bullied at one point or another.

(IMG: Courtesy of Origami Owl)

My Deal for YOU:
My deal for my readers, if you go to Eliza’s Origami Owl page and get your order ready I will give you a deal. Buy 3 charms, get 1 free. You must place your order through ME though. or contact me on Facebook at Eliza Ferree. Don’t place it through the site it won’t give you the deal. I also do Facebook parties if you’d like to earn FREE Jewelry. I also have a Facebook Origami Owl page if you’d like to join to keep-up-to-date. I’d like to share this with you all every month just to show you what we have out or if anything new is coming up. Stop on by and let me know what you like best. What item do you like best? Do you own anything from Origami Owl yet?

32 thoughts on “I’m Your Origami Owl Consultant!

  1. I have heard of Origami Owl, but I’ve never purchased. Congrats on your new venture!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I have heard so many good things about this company., It looks like they have some really cute pieces.

  3. I’ve heard great things about Origami Owl. I’ll have to check it out soon!

  4. Origami Owl is super cute. I haven’t bought any pieces yet but think they would make great presents for my mom and mom in law!

  5. You know, I didn’t realize they had bracelets. How did I miss that? I love how personalized these can be!

  6. I have heard great things about Origami Owl. I will have to check them out.

  7. I have heard of them before. I love the bracelets there, those on a wire are nice for stacking!

  8. Origami Owl looks so wonderful! These are super cute pieces.

  9. Catherine S says:

    I have never heard of Origami Owl before. I like that you can personalize it by select the charms you want.

  10. I fell in love with the company when I discovered they could get all my kids to fit into a locket. I love my locket. What’s the story behind yours Debbie Denny?

  11. For those of you that had not heard of them please visit my page if you want to take a peek and if you would like to do an online party let me know. or comment here. Currently I am loving the core line. I want the Serendipity charm to go with either a bangle or a necklace.

  12. I like those bangle bracelets a lot more than the necklaces – they look more streamlined and less “collective”. And I need more gold, too.

  13. Origami Owl is great because it can be tailored to fit any kind of personality. There are some beautiful charms, good luck on your new business!

    Trisha (MomDot)

  14. I just discovered these the other day when shopping for some bangle bracelets. I like that you can customize them and change them to fit your mood or outfit.

  15. I love Origami Owl. I have a locket myself. It is awesome.

  16. So cute! I really like the bracelets.

  17. I’ve been eyeing Origami Owl for a while now, I remember seeing a blog charm on another blog and fell in love with it. Good luck with your business 🙂

  18. the bracelets are really pretty. I haven’t seen them yet

  19. I’m always available if you want to host an online party or just purchase through my site. or you can call me 317-362-6900

  20. I’ve never heard of this company but the bracelets are gorgeous! Good luck with the business!

  21. They do have some super cute jewelry! My daughter would really love the charms

  22. Chrystal @ YUM eating says:

    I have seen quite a few people selling their products. Very cute items. Good luck to you.

  23. I have a a few friends that have Origami Owl necklaces. They are so cute! Wish you lots of luck in your new venture.

  24. I’ve heard about this company so many times, but still haven’t done any serious browsing. That’s not for lack of interest, since they seem to have such cute stuff!

  25. I love Origami Owl!!! I love that you can create your own necklaces with all the cute charms.

  26. That’s awesome! I have always wondered about this company, but have never seen any of their stuff. It’s super cute! Thanks for sharing.

  27. I have always wanted to get a locket from Origami Owl. They are all so pretty. I recently ordered a locket and can’t wait to get it.

  28. Those leather wrap bracelets are awesome! I’d love to give them a try.

  29. I think I want one for Christmas!! They are so cute!

  30. I have heard of this company but wasn’t quite sure what they had for sale, these look like great ideas for Christmas gifts. I will check your site out! thanks for letting us know you are a consultant!

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