The Life of a Home Mom

Husband’s Parenting Advice

Last Friday the hubby came home and while we were in the kitchen cooking dinner. Little A (10 months old) happened to be in his walker going back and forth and slamming doors. Afraid that he’ll slam his fingers I asked the hubby to just tell him no.

Confused I look at him, “Why not?”
He gets all matter-of-fact like on me and says, “On my way home someone was on the radio stating that a baby hears the word no over 1000 times in a month (or year). I don’t want our son to hear that all the time.”

Okay, we’ve had three other children before this, it has never messed them up. In fact they know the word no and if you say no they listen. Okay there are times they don’t but isn’t that all children?

“okay then, teach him not to slam his finger in the door without the word no.”

He looks at me a bit confused and suddenly gets a look, he shifts the walker a different route to keep him from doing it. A minute later I ask him once again to teach our child again as he didn’t listen to the silent no. He catches on and decides no really is a good word.

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