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How to pray for your child’s first day of school

Sending your child off on the first day of school is one of the first times you’re likely to be nervous as a parent. We’re here to offer some prayers for your child’s first day of school. Whether you have a toddler or high school senior, these prayers will give them the reassurance they need to make it through this important day.

It’s Important to Pray for Your Child’s First Day of School

As a parent, praying for your child is an important part of caring for them. Prayers are a way to communicate with God, and they’re also a way to thank Him for all the blessings in our lives. However, when it comes to prayer for children, what exactly should we pray about? Today I want to share some ideas on how you can pray for your child’s first day of school.

What things you can pray for

Praying is an important part of parenting, and it’s a way to communicate with God about the blessings in our lives. What exactly should parents pray on their children’s behalf during their first day of school or week at school? Here’s a short list of items you can pray over your child for on their first day of school.

  1. To have good luck all day – that nothing bad will happen
  2. The best way to make friends is to pray for them. With God’s guidance, your child will meet good kids in their life who will have a great impact.
  3. Be protected from bullies
  4. Have confidence and wisdom in their studies
  5. Not to get lost
  6. Be kind towards other people
  7. That they won’t be pressured at school
  8. Have a good attitude towards school
  9. For them not to struggle academically
  10. For them not to get sick
  11. Giving your children a safe ride to and from school should be a priority, regardless of the means. Saying prayers is wise for any parents before they drop their kids off or send them on foot or by bike. Remind them about new busing rules (due to covid) that were recently put in place as well as old ones they might need to keep in mind while riding the bus.
  12. For your child to have the best day possible.

Praying for Your Child’s Teacher

First Day of School prayers

Sending your child off to school can be stressful, (trust me I’ve had many fears) so it is important to offer up prayers for both the child and their teacher. A teacher is just as anxious as the children entering the classroom, but teachers often show their anxiety in different ways.

Teachers often worry about whether or not they’ll be able to get students who will listen, remain quiet during class time, and follow directions. Some teachers even worry if they’ll be in control of the classroom, with some children ignoring rules and taking advantage of others.

Asking God for guidance is a way to help them as they deal with anxious feelings about having new students in their classrooms. Don’t forget to pray for their principals, nurses, bus drivers, etc.

Praying that your child will get along with all the students in the class is also important. And of course, praying that your child will learn all they can and through the grace of Christ excel in their studies is an important prayer for teachers to focus on.

Dear Lord,

Please bless my new teacher on the first day with patience and wisdom when dealing with students who have never been in his/her classroom before. Help him understand his role as a new teacher, so he can feel more confident while teaching them for the first time. God protect this teacher from feeling overwhelmed or getting frustrated by first-day jitters and stress. And please help him to have a good first day academically. I pray that ____ graders will come willing to learn about the subjects that are being taught and eager for discussion; that they will come with an open mind ready to learn new things. I also pray for my child’s fellow first-day classmates – especially those who feel like they don’t fit in. -Amen

Prayers throughout the School Day

Prayers that parents can say on their child’s behalf during the first day or week at school, such as “Lord Jesus, please protect my son/daughter today” or “Jesus Christ, please bless my daughter with wisdom in her studies.” Pray for your child while you are driving around town or turning your computer on at work, think of your child and what they are about to do, and just pray over that class. You never know what your child could be experiencing and that prayer may come across as a little invisible hug to them or yourself.

First Day of School Prayers

Dear Lord,

Please grant my child a day full of good luck and happy memories. Keep him/her safe from bullies and always provide the right people to connect with. Help him/her settle into ____ grade so he/she can get into a routine quickly. Make it a good day academically, too, in which he/she can be successful and feel confident about his work. And please help him/her conquer any first-day frustrations with other students or teachers kindly.

All this I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Dear Lord,

Please bless my ____ grade student with good grades and great attitudes on his/her first day of school. Help him/her find his/her way around the classroom without feeling lost (Lord we all know that feeling), and keep him/her from saying anything embarrassing in front of the teacher or peers. Please help him/her make friends with at least one or two first-day classmates, so he’ll/she’ll have a friend to sit by when you call on him/her to read aloud. And please be there for me, too, as I help my ____ grader transition into _____ grade and first-day jitters. Guide me in how I can best support my _____ grader, and give him/her wisdom as he/she learns his/her first year of ____ grade. I pray he/she has wisdom as he/she goes about his/her day and they have a great experience.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, Amen.

Benefits of Praying for your child while they are at school:

  • Praying on behalf of your kids teaches them to turn to the Lord for help in their own time of need.
  • It gives you peace knowing that you’ve given praise to God for all the blessings he has bestowed on you.
  • Kids will feel more secure going to school if they know that people are praying for them and they have the security of knowing they are being not just prayed for but thought of.
  • Keep a prayer journal and continue to pray throughout the year. Keep tracking it and praise the Lord as he answers prayers.
  • And of course, it’s a way for you to bond with your kids! What are some first day of school prayers that you’ve prayed for your child? Do you stress over anything on the first day of school? Feel free to share them below in the comment section below.

Pray With Your Children

Don’t forget on the first day of school to pray with your children before they leave the house. Ask them if they have any anxious thoughts about anything and pray over it. Pray for God’s protection of them and to show them you love them. I also ask my kids to tell me three positive things about what their day is going to be like before leaving so they leave on a good note. I would recommend you do this with your child every day, it just makes the day start off with God and show them you are spending those few minutes with them too.


Praying is an important part of parenthood. What should we pray for when our children go to school? Hopefully, this post has helped give you ideas on what you can pray over your child’s new school year. You’re not just praying for your child, but also their friends, peers, and teachers involved in their life.

Pray for blessings, confidence to learn and shine in front of others, to make new friends, and to have a really great new school year. You were given a few prayers on protection and how to keep their minds alert and aware of the friendships they’ll be making.

Remember God is always there for us, whether our prayer sounds formal or like talking with a friend. Prayer can be intimidating, trust me I know. There have been many times I wished mine sounded more elegant but I know He hears my words and understands what I am praying. Plus the more you pray the better you get and grow in faith.

How to pray for your child's first day of school
first day of school prayers
praying over your child's first day of school

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