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Hallmark Jewelry For Every Occasion

Disclosure: This conversation is sponsored by Hallmark. All reviews and pictures are my own (unless otherwise stated) I #LoveHallmark!

Hallmark would love ya’ll to know that they have a Hallmark Jewelry Line that is perfect for every occasion and just so you know…

Life is a Special Occasion.

“Hallmark has a variety of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, birthstone jewelry, kids jewelry and more for every occasion, holiday or relationship.” So it shows they know people and they know that someone may like earrings and not a necklace, etc. Think about who you are getting the item for (even if it is for yourself) and think which one they’d wear more often. 

Whether your child is graduation High school and getting ready to move forward in their lives or just finishing Kindergarten. Hallmark Jewelry has a specially designed Jewelry piece just right for them. If this is your first Anniversary, holiday, a birthday or even just because you feel like getting a friend, a co-worker or a loved one a piece of jewelry there’s something for everyone. They know that with life you have to celebrate and sometimes you just want to mark the moment.

Growing Up Milestones

While my daughter wasn’t Graduation High School this year, (she will next year) this would be a year of all types of firsts for her and I thought it would be a great way to give her something to remember. It isn’t often I can get her something really nice like this and boy did she deserve it.

For those that have been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know she entered the workforce this year. She’s been working part-time at a local pizza chain nearby.  I’m so proud of the woman she is becoming. She even bought her own prom dress and plans on paying her school bills herself.  Yes, out here children do not go to school for free and there is a pretty heavy price with three in school.

From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

I think she deserves something just as special to go with her first moments. To me the butterfly represents a new life, starting over, etc. There’s an even deeper meaning for the two of us that I’ll get into another day.

She recently earned her Letterman’s Spring Jacket for staying above a 3.66 and continues to work part-time. Now that’s impressive. I know others that barely scraped by or couldn’t do both school and a job. I love that she has become so responsible and eager to start adult life.

Her big brother moved away this year and while they seemed to argue left in right the past year they have grown extremely close while he has been gone. He even purchased her an early birthday gift since he won’t be here this summer….a real Letterman’s (leather) jacket. I think this year was harder than she will ever admit because he wasn’t here.

The two of us plan on doing some fun runs (foam & inflatable) and have decided blue butterfly t-shirts will be our thing so this is perfect.

I picked out the Hallmark Tri-Tone Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Pendant. This is light in weight, the chain is thin and delicate. It is so much prettier in person. Isn’t that beautiful? Do you have a milestone you are about to see with someone? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section!

2 thoughts on “Hallmark Jewelry For Every Occasion

  1. Julie Wood says:

    I did not even know that Hallmark had gorgeous jewelry like this. I usually only look at cards, but I want to look at the Butterfly pendant!

  2. shelly peterson says:

    This necklace is just beautiful. I love Hallmark products.

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