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Future Presidents of America Camp in Indianapolis Review

Wow, where do we start? Today’s post is going to be a midweek review of what they’ve all done at the Future Presidents of America Camp this past week in Indianapolis.  For those that are just finding this post, BabyGirl (aka Bella) was selected to go to this camp on a scholarship, which they do hope to eventually make enough money to do that with future students.  The camp is located at The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site in Indianapolis, it is one week long and filled with activities and education.


Day 1:   Confidence & Qualifications:  Everyone was given a very nice binder, paper, and the Benjamin Harrison book by Charles W. Calhoun. They selected where they would sit and did introductions. The students all learned how to fold and unfold the flag properly and the meaning of why it is folded that particular way. Being a military child and wife to a Marine I find this to be a very important lesson for all children to learn. Each day the kids get to raise the flag and at the end of the day, they bring it back down and fold it. Each morning also begins with the Pledge of Allegiance, which once again I love hearing since so many schools these days are doing away with it.

They toured the bottom floor of the Benjamin Harrison house, rich in history. Isabella loved telling me that no one is allowed to go into the front living room due to the fact the original rug is still laying on the ground. They went to the university club. Speakers David Wilkie, who is a successful businessman (founder and principal of Wilkie Ventures) who has also worked in television. Speaker Samuel L. Odle, a senior policy adviser for Bose Public Affairs Group. As a craft, they talked about how the presidents campaigned and got to make their own signs using their names.


Day 2:  Duty, Honor & Sacrifice:  Dan Miller took them on a mental vision of the history of Benjamin Harrison recruiting the soldiers and how he told his wife that he volunteered to join the military. Constitution. Impeaching a president. Civil War uniform, reenactment, and businessman. The students learned about the Gettysburg war and details about the uniforms that they may not have already known. Tour of the neighborhood and all of the historical buildings.

Day 3:  Poise & Policy:  Speaker Lloyd Wright of WFYI talked about managing a business. They were also taught how important it is to have manners and etiquette as a leader and enjoyed a proper lunch using what they were taught. Lt. Governor Holcomb spoke about his life, leadership, and the IndyTorchRelay. Jim Slaughter taught them about how Congress meetings work and the parliamentary motions and procedures of one.  Women suffrage and did a skit to experience it which was followed up with a debate.

The kids also got to do the Historic Walking Tour down Delaware Street and saw all the history this town has from who lived in each home, what the building one if it had been destroyed or was still up and running to the beautiful architecture that was used. Four blocks of 28 wonderful stories about each place.

All pictures in this post were sent to me to use for writing this review. These are not my pictures, but my daughter is in most of them. Hopefully, this gives everyone an idea of what their child will get to do if they sign up next year. I may have got this out of order, but the bottom line is they are having fun and learning while they do it. If you’ve read my blog you will know I’m all about teaching through doing and getting them involved and this is definitely working. The students at this camp this week will remember so many details as they go forward from what they have learned here. Today they are going to visit Crown Hill Cemetery where Harrison was buried, tomorrow they get to watch the Naturalization Ceremony take place.

P.S. I wanted to note that if your child does have allergies just alert them when you send in your application and they will take care of letting everyone know. I received a call to tell me someone had peanut allergies and we planned her lunch accordingly.

Disclosure: Bella was given the scholarship to be able to attend. This post was her telling me what all she’s done this week. Let me be the first to say she is a bit bummed out that it is only a week. 

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