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Fun Things to Do with No Electricity

Oh no, your electricity just went out due to the storm. What are you going to do now? Don’t worry you can still have fun without electricity!

One of the most common misconceptions about electricity is that we need it to have fun. In reality, there are many things you can do without power that will make your day more enjoyable. You’ll also see a major difference in how you feel as soon as the lights go out. There’s something fulfilling about taking on a challenge and succeeding.

18 Fun Things to do when the Electricity goes Out

1. Play Cards– Card games are always more fun when you can’t see your opponent’s cards. You can play any game like Solitaire, Euchre, Cribbage, Rummy, or some other game with people in the dark. Pick up a deck of playing cards and ask someone else to shuffle them while you hold out your hands. Put your hands on top of theirs, then take some time to figure out who will be dealing and how many cards each person gets.

2. Read by Candlelight or a flashlight– Reading is much more meaningful and romantic when it’s dark and cold outside. If there weren’t any power outages in your area, reading by flashlight might be an option as well.

3. Listen to the Rain– If you live in a dry area, find some rainfall by listening to it on your windows, if they aren’t covered. Put the radio against the window and let it pick up the sound of raindrops falling onto objects outside.

4. Read a book from my TBR pile- Just pick a book from your stack and start reading. Even if it takes until next year, your book will be waiting for you when you get the on some music or watch a video about cleaning for extra motivation.

5. Play Charades– Name one thing people enjoy doing in complete darkness. There’s a good chance the answer is pretending to be in a dramatic situation. This will work especially well if you have big imaginations and can think of something to act out that isn’t completely ridiculous.

6. Clean the house– Turn off the radio and TV, shut down your laptop, put away your tablet device, and open up all of those windows. When you have no power, the fresh air will be nice to breathe in. If you have a lot of chores that need to be done, spend the day organizing everything in your home. Hopefully, you’ll get most of it done before it starts getting dark.

7. Go for a walk, a drive, etc.- If you can’t see, all of your other senses will be enhanced. Use the time to pay attention to things you usually aren’t able to notice.

8. Enjoy a day outside– The idea of spending time outdoors may not sound appealing when it’s cold and dark, but there are some things you’ll be able to do out there that you can’t do when the sun is bright in the sky.

9. Take a Bath– Take advantage of all the water in your home by filling up the tub with some hot water and getting ready to relax for a few hours. Make it fun by turning off the lights, shutting down electronics, and lighting up candles around the bathroom instead.

10. Read, play games, or do crafts– Most people probably think of board games and card games when they imagine doing things with no electricity, but you can also find some reading and crafting activities to do when you have no power.

11. Tell stories or sing– Explore your creative side by telling a story about something that has nothing to do with darkness. Alternatively, maybe there’s a song that everyone in your home knows the words to. If no one can remember any, you can always sing Old McDonald or The Muffin Man.

15. Time for a BBQ– You may not be able to cook your favorite food inside, but you can try it on a grill. If it’s wintertime, make some s’mores and hot chocolate while you roast the marshmallows, you can even make smores the rest of the year.

16. Teach your kids about astronomy– Find a way to point out the moon and stars, even if it’s during the day. Some people have a telescope they can look at through, while others have books or apps on smartphones that tell them about what they’re seeing in the sky.

17. Play outdoor games– There are so many fun possibilities when it comes to playing without power! Hopscotch, hide and seek, tag, wall ball, jump rope, etc. All of these activities will be a lot more interesting in complete darkness. This is a great time to play tag or hide-n-seek with the kids. Pull out the sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc.

18. Scavenger Hunt– Break into teams or have everyone go off on their own to find different objects in the house. It’s likely they won’t be very difficult to find since you’re familiar with your surroundings, but this will still provide some entertainment when you don’t have much else to do.

It may be a challenge to find things to do when you have no power, but there are still plenty of fun activities that will help keep boredom at bay. You can teach your kids about astronomy or spend time outside in the dark with games like hopscotch and tag. For those who need some light reading material, try telling stories or singing songs for entertainment. And if all else fails, throw an impromptu BBQ party without using any electricity!

2 thoughts on “Fun Things to Do with No Electricity

  1. I didn’t think about cleaning the house. I guess I could do that if it is still light out. I use that time as family time. A way for us all to unplug and spend time together for a nice change of pace.

  2. Our favorite thing to do is play board games, especially Monopoly. 🙂

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