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Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Disney FamilyFun Magazine

Dad’s the man, so treat him with extra-special Father’s Day cards, Father’s Day foods, and Father’s Day gifts fit for a king:

A Grate Gift for Dad. This clever trio is a tasty way to honor the King of the Grill on Father’s Day. And who doesn’t love dessert (they’re cupcakes!)?


Formal Greetings. Even if the dad in your house isn’t a shirt-and-tie kind of guy, he’s sure to love this stylish Father’s Day card.


Crafty Computer Frame. We’ve all seen decorative mouse pads, but what about the computer itself? This monitor frame, made from craft foam and dotted with photos of your family, will turn Dad’s home or office computer into a much more colorful — and endearing — place.


For more Father’s Day fun and fare, visit or check out the latest issue of Disney FamilyFun – on newsstands now.  How many of you have a little one that’ll be creating a Father’s Day Gift this year? I have four, each one is making something for dad. I’ll post more ideas in the next day.

(Thanks to Disney for providing this info and pictures)

1 thought on “Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Disney FamilyFun Magazine

  1. Michelle Hamor Smith says:

    Great ideas! I got a Father’s Day card from Sarah one year that was similar to the one above, but the shirt had a sort of Hawaiian look. Inside it said, “You are the top pop,” which is pretty high praise for a single mom. 🙂

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