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Elks Take SoccerBoy Shopping

On Friday Morning I had a weird number show up on my phone, so what does one do that loves the internet? I googled it, saw it was in the area and did a research search. I still wasn’t sure, so finally I called it back but not before hearing my kid on my answering machine and then another followed up, “Can we adopt your kids for the weekend?” Now I knew no one literally wanted to adopt them but what did they do so well or need them for. I called.

Teacher told me they wanted to pick SoccerBoy for a shopping spree. ??? A what? Well, he doesn’t need it. They told me only so many are picked from each school and he was one of them. I made a few calls, got him a ride down there and called school box stating yes. This would be the first time we have ever allowed any of our kids to go anywhere like this, especially on a weekend.

So the deal was done, SoccerBoy would show up at Sears Grand at 7 a.m. to go shopping with an Elk (no not a deer). They let him spend $200 on whatever, unlike most kids he decided to have fun with it and shop for everyone in the family, plus something for Toys For Tots. He got some really nice gifts too, but as the teacher told me later, he KNOWS how to shop and gets TONS for so little. They were amazed as the other kids got $185 iPods or $40 snowboards and he got two large garbage bags full of presents for not just him but everyone in the family (at least 2 each).

Later today we’ll take him down to drop off his toy for tots. He’s so proud of it, but I’m just boiling over with pride for him. I’ll update ya later on what all he got, I just had to share this with my readers.

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