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Earth Day Week: Crafts for Kids

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What better way to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) with your kids than to do Earth Day Activities.  A few things kids might want to do while they are out of school for the week are:

Teach them about recycling (FREE Earth Day Workbook for Kids) – Take them to the library and have them check out a few books on the subject, watch a movie and then write a little report on it.

Or have them decide on a recycling project that they can do on Earth Day. This will give them something to do all week long and by the time Earth Day comes they’ll be able to participate with something of their own and not just because MOM and DAD say. Now is the time to show your kids they can repurpose (upcycle) a lot of the things they normally throw away. 

  • Old shirt into a bag (have them take this to the library and check out books)
  • Plastic bags into a trash bin for the bathroom.
  • Soda bottle into a bird feeder
  • Egg carton into a seed starter
  • Rock into kindness rocks by painting them
  • Cereal boxes turned into puzzles

Looking for more Earth Day  Craft ideas? Below are a few Earth Day Roundups I found for you. 

Younger kids can learn about this by watching cartoons or by you explaining it. Maybe start them off slowly by having them help you toss out the garbage (as in separating the recyclables from the regular trash) and let them draw pictures to express themselves.

  • draw a soda can for the aluminum
  • paper or milk carton
  • have a special area for food you toss out. This could be made into compost for the garden

Gardening can be another fun project, whether it is for Earth day or just because. Have your child start drawing out what they’d like in their garden and learning a little about each thing they want. Draw pictures and start buying the materials needed.

Grow a Seed in a bag. Did you ever do this in school? Have your kids take a napkin and place it in a plastic bag. Drip water into the bag and place a few seeds on the center of the napkin. Zip the bag closed and place it near a window so it gets the warmth of the sun.

Have them come back daily to check on it, making sure it is always damp but not drowning in water. After a few days, it should start to sprout and they will be able to place the seed in the ground. Carefully take the seed (and roots) out of the bag. 

Garden in a Bag. There are actually kits you can buy and all they need to do is fluff up the dirt, water it and add the seeds. Keep an eye on it every day and journal everything they see. This would be a fun process to watch with them and talk about all the steps of the growth of the plant. Plus, in the end, they get to eat their labor. 

Give back to the Earth by planting trees or a bush with the family. This can become a family tradition that they can do with their own children when they get older.

Time to Celebrate Earth Day!

While we’ve been planting trees, making a garden, or even upcycling old items we want to encourage them to think about the earth. We’ve taught them about recycling and it is time to eat. Below you’ll find a shortlist of “Earth Themed” treats for them to make with you.

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