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Do You have a Sick Kit?

I was out last week with a fever and a migraine for a couple of days. It got to the point where I didn’t want to eat and just sleep most of the week.

This is not a good thing when one is in college and has six chats they need to attend during the week, needless to say since they were so late at night I would try to make them but ended up bailing half way through. Finally, I got better but not before Little A started getting a runny nose. Oh no!

Thankfully, CollectiveBias asked if I’d like to shop for the new #PedialyteSingles and let ya’ll know about it. Since I was feeling better and Little A was just started to get sick I thought this would be perfect time to stock up on sick supplies.

Now I’ve never actually had a “Sick bucket” or “Sick Basket” for the kids but we do have medicine in a cabinet/fridge/etc and of course a bucket for the icky moments. Do you have a sick basket? You know the types of things you’d have for your child if they got sick? What’s in it?

Did you know Pedialyte even had Singles? Well instead of going and buying that great big bottle of Pedialyte and wasting over half of it because you know your little one never finishes it now you can save that. WOo hoo! The ones we bought this weekend won’t expire until 1 Feb 2012. Pedialyte is one of the drinks many doctors recommend when your child can’t seem to keep anything down.

Here’s a few things in my Sick Box:

-Pedialyte Singles
–  Thermometer (because you always need it)
–  medicine for adults (dayquil, nyquil, alieve)
– Medicine for the kids (tylenol, motrin, mucinnex, etc)
– Gummy vitamins for kids
– Pedialyte Freezer pops
-alcohol/peroxide/band aids
-hand sanitizer, tissues
-face masks
-cough drops/strips/medicine
-new toothbrush & toothpaste

and of course the fun stuff for kids: coloring books/crayons, crosswords/wordsearches, tiny books, paints/paint toys, hot wheels, playing cards, soft ball and a teddy bear.  Here are a few activities for your kids from Pedialyte when they are sick.

Please remember to ask your child’s doctor before having them drink any pedialyte.

Those were all the things we bought for our baskets (remember 4 kids) I was compensated for this but we will definitely be using this product, in fact Little A has already drank 3 of the little juice boxes. (singles)

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  1. A sick kit is great idea. When a kid is sick it is always nice to have everything you need on hand. Thanks for the post.

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