The Life of a Home Mom

Confessions of a SAHM…

My First Confession

is no I don’t work from home, not unless you count the internet. Yes, I do write and make money, but it is not a lot of money.  My pay ranges depending on what I’m writing, I’ve wrote $25, 50, 150 per post but I’ve also had good gigs that paid me $400 a month. Man I miss those nice paying gigs course that was back when we had b5media and 451press (it’s been a while).  Who doesn’t like getting more money right? That is my all time favorite thing to do besides spending time with my kids. I mean who doesn’t like to earn their own money? To be honest, I’ve never worked outside the home, minus the 3 months I worked at Kmart but had to quit because I found out I was pregnant with extremely bad morning sickness. I want to make another confession, I went to college to get my Bachelor’s Degree thinking I’d land a job. It simply wasn’t true, every position I applied for they decided on the kid straight out of school. No one wants to hire an older lady.

Why do I want to earn money?

I want to earn money doing what I love, staying home with my children before they are school age and earn money to buy the little things or pay a few small bills.  Are you an affiliate to amazon, Kajeet, something? Another confession from this SAHM is I like that I don’t have to leave the house to get a job or work.  I’m actually doing something I loved and that’s writing. What job is better than that?

Why I choose Celebrity Blogging

One of those things I write is a celebrity blog and a bunch of others, but the celebrity blog is the one I have the most fun with. You can find it at  If you visit this page you’ll see I haven’t updated it in a long while. Maybe it is time to play around on it again. This is where I dish about any celebrity I feel like, or whomever is a current trend. ie L.Lohan getting out of jail, Tiger Woods coming back to golfing, Sandra Bullock and her new baby boy, etc. How many of you like to be all caught up with celebrity gossip?

One may wonder how I can find information on celebrities, that’s easy I use search engines. The only way to search is by picking one of your favorite search engines and type away. I LOVE google, they have everything, then askjeeves and yahoo. I really hate msn, sorry msn but ya never work for me. I use search engines every day that I get online, whether it is to look up some childhood sickness I think my kids have or look for a job. It’s an easy way to find the latest gossip for the stars too. Or look at search engines and see how popular your name is. Try it out today and see where you stand. What’s your favorite search engine?  Another favorite place to get celebrity gossip is the magazines: Star, US weekly, People, etc.

How much time do I write?

Hmm, that question should be when I go to bed. I write most of the time when my kids are down for the count. However, when they abandon me to the outside world I hop on and first thing in the morning. I’ve been known to write just one blog to up to fourteen. A few years back I could write nonstop after the kids were in bed. Today I simply can’t, by the time the kids are all in bed I’m beat and ready to get in bed myself. Maybe I’m getting old, who knows.  My other issues is I always have writer’s block or the things I want to write about I don’t think I should because of one reason or another and I go without posting.

Time for another confession of a SAHM….my house isn’t always clean. That’s right, with 5 kids you’d think my house was sparkling clean, but it isn’t. I totally wish it were but after chasing a 2.5 yr old around I simply don’t want to clean up after everyone else. This little boy can take a sparkling clean room and turn it into a tornado in a matter of seconds. Wait until he finds his toy box or a box of crayons. Not to mention ever since this past summer when I taught him how to shed a crayon in order to break them so I could melt them into shapes he loves doing it. Yeah, yeah I confess, I taught him it but it was a craft. I never thought he’d always do it.  Now that I have 5 kids, I try to be resourceful and have them help but that’s asking a miracle some days. Oh and wait until you pass out chores, like every other day someone has dishes. I always hear but mom she/he didn’t finish them all the night before. Or I hear it’s not fair I always get them on the messy days. I confess, I remember the days my sister and I did the same thing and smile a bit.

My biggest confession as a SAHM

Here’s my biggest confession as a Stay-at-home-mom ….I always second guess myself and wonder if I am doing right by my kids. I think we all hope for that. Course no one will know until we are old and our kids are all grown and raising kids of their own.

Finally my last confession as a SAHM…..a month ago my doctors thought something was wrong with my heart. Actually scared me thinking I was getting ready to die. Now I want to have more fun in life, challenge myself, do things I would normally not do. I even want to color my hair. Currently it’s a blonde/brown color with flakes of silver coming through. Trust me I know all about the silver having 5 kids, 3 of which that love to point it out. Instead of being ashamed of it, I want to get an ombre look. Dye my hair a dark purple with silver streaks. Now to save up my money to have it done.

What are your confessions?

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