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Christmas with Our Family!

Christmas eve meant two of our kiddos would not sleep, in fact one was up until way past one no matter how many times he was sent back to his room. Eventually he was tired and when I went to check on him I found him sleeping on his floor beside his bed, looking towards the door with his Buzz Lightyear pillow guy in one arm and his blanket wrapping him in the other. This little man was determined to catch Santa this year. His older sister was also caught later, around 2 having  to go to the bathroom, thankfully Santa was stalled due to the snow that was hitting the east coast.

On Christmas Morning we had to tell the kids that no, we did not capture Santa and instead he safely made it through the Chimney and placed gifts under the trees for everyone. The kids had a blast opening the gifts on Christmas morning. We got to hear scary laughter, giggles, screams of delight and ‘that’s cool’ each time they opened their gifts. Santa left each child three gifts that they happily played with all morning long.

We didn’t have a rack for the duck so instead we opted to go to The Oriental Buffet we’d just discovered in town. I love this place, there are so many options and most of each of the areas have some type of seafood. This is unlike any other I’ve been too, oh and last night they had crab legs. YUMMY, but funny watching the kids try to pry them apart. hehe.

That last picture is Indianapolis Countdown, take a look at the crowd. I’d love to go there next year. How was your Christmas?

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