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Build-a-Bear has The SpongeBob Gang!

We were recently sent Patrick Star from the Nickelodeon Show, “SpongeBob Sqaurepants,” for our upcoming trip. See we are leaving Indiana to head down to California to visit lots of relatives this summer and thought it would be fun to bring Patrick along with us.

Oh did I not tell you, SpongeBob and Patrick are now available at Build-A-Bear Workshops around the country. With five kids it sounded like something fun we could do.

Imagine all the wonderful adventures and places Patrick is going to visit. That’s right, this year he is taking a summer vacation to California and he won’t be living under the sea for a while.

Patrick Star

The kind folks sent us this wonderful 18 inch Patrick. Patrick comes with sewn on shorts and his wonderful smile, which of course just makes you want to reach out and hug him.

Our Patrick was squishy but somewhat firm which was just perfect for us because we don’t like our Build-a-Bears too firm, especially for a road trip where I know someone is going to end up using him as a pillow. Poor Patrick.

Once he got here I asked the kids what types of places they wanted him to visit and the one everyone agreed on were the “Welcome to whateverstate” signs. I am thinking I will post a picture of each state Patrick visits and a few fun facts about each one.

What do you think? Yes, we are making this into a Flat Stanley type of adventure. Every place we end up going we are going to get a shot of Patrick with one of the kids.


(Little A thought he was getting the SpongeBob that was already made, he was much happier to hear he got to make his own. He handed him off to get filled with stuffing and gave him a squeeze test, he wasn’t ready yet.)

As one week passed I kept hearing how lonely Patrick would be because honestly he never goes anywhere without his best friend and just who will keep him out of trouble?

So we ended up taking a trip down to Build-a-Bear Workshop and purchasing a SpongeBob for the trip too. Here are a few pictures of the kids there.

You can purchase a chip that sings the theme song, however we opted against it since this will be in the car and I don’t think I want to hear that the whole way.

Little A loved stuffing SpongeBob and BabyGirl got to air brush him while BalletGirl registered his name online. Did you know that you register them because if they are ever lost and later found they can bring him to any Build a bear workshop and scan him to see who he belongs to and send him back to you?

Yep, I thought that was cool. I probably knew but had forgotten over the years. Oh where was SoccerBoy, not to worry he was there holding Little Man, in fact there is a picture of Little Man trying to watch (or spin) the cotton spin.


(Little A is whispering secrets into SpongeBob’s heart, giving him a squeeze test before he hands him off to his sister, BabyGirl to test.)

BAB 054BAB 066BAB 078

(Spongebob is getting air because no one wants a wet sponge. BalletGirl types in his information while Little A waist in line to purchase him. In the pictures below you can see where he suddenly decided to start dancing with SpongeBob.)  

BAB 082BAB 084BAB 087
I also discovered they had Gary and Sandy on clearance for $5 each, sadly I walked away without them. But throughout the day I kept hearing SpongeBob say he wished Gary could come with and everyone wanted Sandy, so by the end of the day I knew we’d be going back and we did.

So we have the complete gang, minus the Pineapple House. Currently they do not have a Mr.Crabs or Squidwerd but when they do you know I’ll be back. Do you have any of the gang? What do you think of this new collection?

BAB 099june24 001

(The kids waiting outside the building before we left the mall, you can see BalletGirl is just staring off but Little A is not about to let go of his new pal. Obviously he loved him so much because later that night this is how I found him.)

BAB 070june24 018
Other items you can purchase:
– Costumes: Patrick and SpongeBob both have Pirate Costumes ($15 & $17)
– Pineapple House ($12)
– SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song Chip ($7)
– You can purchase the Patrick and SpongeBob in their Pirate Costumes for $29

spongebobgang 001
Stay tuned for the Adventures of the SpongeBob Gang!

(Disclosure: We were sent Patrick to review, however the rest of the gang we purchased on our own)

7 thoughts on “Build-a-Bear has The SpongeBob Gang!

  1. looks like they had a blast at the Build a Bear store!!! and who doesn’t like Spongebob?Too cute!

  2. Love it! I love the Patrick! We have the Spongebob and he is soooooo soft! Great review! Your little ones seem like they had a great time!

  3. It looks like everyone had a great time!

  4. Aww, how fun! I love SpongeBob. I have a big SpongeBob pillow that someone gave me as a gift and I use it as an orthopedic pillow, LOL!!

  5. We haven’t been to the Build-A-Bear shop in a few years. I think that is awesome they have Spongebo and Patrick now. I have watched almost every episode a few times!

  6. So cute! My son would go crazy over the SpongeBob. There’s a Build-a-Bear at the mall in my area, but I have never been to it.

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