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Bounce Off Board Game Adds to the Family Fun

Disclosure: I bought this game, we love it. The links in this post are affiliate, if you click them I might make a few pennies. A few pennies add up and then I can buy more board games. hehe

Family Fun Night: Bounce Off the Board Game

We are a Board Game Loving family. Why? Simple! It’s a TON of fun, plus you get to spend time with your kids. What better excuse to go out and buy board games? Every Friday I pull out a board game and we play it for a few hours. After a few hours we settle in the living room and watch a movie together.

Little A got Bounce Off Board Game for Christmas. Honestly I had never heard of it but the three older ones talked non-stop about it when we were looking through store catalogs and flipping through Amazon. The only time I had heard of a game like this was ummm….Beer Pong. No, I never played that game and that isn’t this game.

Little Boy is excited to open up Bounce Off Board Game at Christmas


Can you tell this present was a hit? Yes, he LOVED getting Bounce Off Board Game! Oh and this game quickly got taken out of the box and placed on the floor for us to team up and play. Now I’m going to tell you a bit about the game and how you are SUPPOSE to play. After that I will tell you how we like to play.

By the way some are concerned because the Bounce off board game box and commercial says this is a great game if you want to talk smack to each other. This does NOT have to happen. That is not allowed or tolerated in this house, we have fun. Yes we say Oh I’m going to beat your team or I’m going to win, I’ll be the first to get the pattern. But no dirty language, etc. If you think a board game like this is going to get your family talking trash you may NOT want to get it. I have no worries about mine.

Inside Bounce Off Board Game:

Inside the game is the game grid, 9 challenge cards, 16 balls (8 blue/8 yellow)

Bounce Off Board Game Rules:

You can either team up (2/2) or do a face off. Team up, a challenge card is drawn. Both teams must bounce their balls to make the pattern first.  First team to create the design gets the card and a new one is drawn.

Our Rules for Bounce Off Board Game: (Due to little ones)

One on one. Skip the cards. The ball must bounce once before landing in the grid. We either do a tic-tac-toe 3, 4 or 5 in a row depending which young one is playing. We also do pattern, yellow, blue, etc.

Nicoli’s Version of Bounce Off Board Game:

Bounce Off Board Game

Nicoli even showed me we can form numbers with the balls. Not all but you can get quite a few. He

mixes colors to get the rest of the numbers. Yes, he’s very smart. I think this would be even more fun with one of the games that have more balls. Shhh, not sure I want them to know yet.

Bounce off Board Game is definitely a quick one, but if you do it by the cards it can definitely last a lot longer. Don’t forget to challenge each other. Do you think you can beat your kids?

TIP: If you have a child under 3 keep an eye on them. As most parents should know the balls are a choking hazard.

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  1. ellen beck says:

    This looks like a whole lot of fun! I really like how it can be played indoors and I bet outdoors too if you wanted too. This is one of those nice simple games you kep going back to.

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