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Being the New Kid

As many of you know, this year we moved right at the end of the school year. Thankfully, we found a place and were able to settle in a bit before the new school year began. Why is that? Friends! My kids were worried about being the “new kid” in school and wanted at least a friend or two before they actually went to that first day of school. How many of you were ever a new kid? Being a military brat myself I should’ve been use to the “new kid” feeling, but my father didn’t travel much and it wasn’t until High School that I had to be the “new kid” that was definitely an interesting year though. Below you will find tips from me and my younger daughter on how to be the new kid.

1. If you can (this is for the parents) move during either the summer vacation or during Christmas break (winter break). Why? Your child may be able to meet one or two of his/her school friends that they will be attending and become friends, or at the very least know one person they will go to school with. This always seems to help. (We picked a house that was located near the school and had the possibility of lots of children)

2. Google the School. I know this sounds funny or very (Geeky as my kids call it) but the truth is mine have felt even more comfortable because they knew what their school looked like, where it was located, types of activities and sports it did, etc. They already felt like they’d been there before.

3. Attend the Open House (parents and kids) if they have it before school. Going on the school tour is a great way the kids can get a feel of what the school will be like, where classes are, lunch room, etc. If it is Jr. High or High School they can try out their locker combo before the first day. My oldest (Middle School) figured out the quickest way to his classes since his school was much bigger than he was use to attending. Attending this also means the child will possibly “meet the teacher” and for the young ones this is very important in making them feel secure.

4. Introduce yourself (kids) and let the kids know who you are, where you are from and what you like. Don’t tell fibs, these always catch up to you. Chances are whatever you tell people today will get around the school, make sure it can’t come back to haunt you. Being honest and friendly is the best way to go.

5. Join some events/sports- This will help you settle in and make friends in an area that you like and can talk about. Those that happen to be on your team will also have something in common with you.

Don’t sit in a corner and be quiet all day. You have to meet others in order for them to know who you are. Yes, the first step is scary but you’ll have a friend sooner than you realize.

Do you have any tips for the “New Kid” this year?

5 thoughts on “Being the New Kid

  1. Linette Daniels- The Youth Success Doctor says:

    I totally agree with everything you suggest!

    The new kid in school often feels like an outsider but that can actually work to their benefit. Why? Because most kids (unless they live in a military town) have not lived in other states and have not done much traveling, so the new kid is fascinating to them.

    As long as the new kid is friendly, the other kids will enjoy their stories and be interested in their experiences.

    Linette Daniels

  2. Meeting the teacher ahead of time and touring the school is important. And if you don;t get a chance to meet the teacher make sure you introduce yourselves as new on the 1st day because to the tyeacher they’re all new!

  3. Those are some great tips! I’ve never been the new kid. I lived in the same place all my life growing up.

  4. Michelle Smith says:

    Smile. That’s my tip. I was the new kid many, many times and a smile is simple and it works. I hope the kids love their new school.

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