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BalletGirl Won a Jar of Kisses!!!

Okay I should’ve posted this yesterday but I had to let BabyGirl shine in her moment. On Thursday both girls came home with surprises, BabyGirl with her chocolates and her bigger sister with a jar of kisses. This jar of kisses she won by guessing how many was in them. She said she did what I taught her, count the side and multiply it by four and add up. She basically had it right and she won so her way worked.

This is a cute little jar that I’m sure she will have for some time to come and I can’t help but wonder how long the chocolate kisses will last. It was really neat that she won this because when I was 10 years old I won a jar of M&Ms from doing the same thing. First prize was a bike and second was this gigantic jar of M&Ms and back then that’s what I wanted since I already had a bike that I loved. The jar eventually broke but the memory lasts forever.

She’s already talking about putting either her hair ties in it or money and making it into a clear piggy bank.

1 thought on “BalletGirl Won a Jar of Kisses!!!

  1. That's awesome! She did a great job guesstimating!

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