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BabyGirl Learned How to Sucker her Brother into…

BabyGirl learned how to sucker her brother into giving her money today. This is her older brother, SoccerBoy, in case ya weren’t sure. He’s been collecting money from all sorts of odds and ends. Well today he was counting his money when he found some laying on the floor by the computer. Of course I agreed he found it and he should keep it. BabyGirl heard this discussion and looked around the house.

“I can’t find any monies,” BabyGirl told SoccerBoy, lowering her lower lip and looking at him with those incredibly sad brown eyes.

“Well you have to look BabyGirl.” In which she did continue to look but was getting more upset…or at least pretending to get upset, “BabyGirl look over by the couch.” While she ran to the couch he very carefully laid one on the floor in the center of the room, “just keep looking sometimes you’ll find money right where you were standing.

She continued and came across the money he had laid down. She squeeled, “I found money! I found money, today’s my lucky day.” A smile formed on his lips as he walked out of the room.

By the way, she tried doing it again later on today, in which she found more money that magically appeared where she was standing. Yep, SoccerBoy struck again.

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