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Assessables Review

Disclosure: Nicoli was sent an Assessables to review.

Nicoli was sent an outfit to review before he was even born. The outfit is a newborn bodysuit, known as Assessables. Why so early? Simple, it was one I could have him wear at the hospital. This wasn’t just any outfit though, this is a specially made one for newborns. These little bodysuits are designed to be worn in the first few weeks of life because of the umbilical cord.


Assessables was created by a mom (Jonelle Krier) and a nurse with years of experience, she actually entered the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program where she won top prize. Top prize goes to the mom that creates the most innovative ideas inspired by moms which is a $15,000 grant to create their idea. If you have an idea you can enter from now until July 31st.

One of the first things the doctors/nurses worn you about is how to take care of the cord once you get home. You are told don’t get the cord wet, don’t tug on it, don’t pull it off, etc. So how do you keep the cord from being tugged on when they are wearing onesies that go right over the cord. Most moms bring their own outfit to dress baby in for the first time leaving the hospital, which of course can hurt the little guy/girl.

Jonelle felt bad, she was always telling moms they needed to take special care of this area but the hospitals never gave them anything to help with that. This is when she figured out a special onesie with long sleeves that can cover the hands (mittens) and have a cut out area around the cord would be a great thing for moms.

As a mother to (now) five kids I tell you this definitely would’ve helped out in those first few weeks. It is hard keeping the area clean, cared for, etc when you are always on the go and quickly pulling those onesies or pants up over the cord.

The Assessables outfit is a long sleeve bodysuit (to keep the baby warm) that goes over your infant very easily. These are 100% cotton. There are two button choices to choose from when you are snapping them up at the bottom, which means if they are longer they can have a bit more room or if they were smaller it will fit snug for them too. I love the little mittens that go over the hand area because our big issue is him scratching his face. Now Nicoli lost his cord before he was two weeks old (not by tearing). These outfits come in a 3 pack for $18.99 which you can get at, hospitals or boutiques.

Check out our live video review: (no laughing I’m still getting the hang of these)

Disclosure: I was sent an Assessables outfit for review purposes. Pictures and opinions are mine.

4 thoughts on “Assessables Review

  1. christy karch says:

    the look on his face was so uhmm ok is this over yet :/

  2. That is awesome! I always worried about the cord with my girls, what a fantastic idea!

  3. Angel Fisher Poling says:

    That is the greatest idea for letting it air out!! and the built in mitts. I wish I knew about those onesies. Btw, handsome baby boy!

  4. So freaking adoreable!!!

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