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Blog Stats
Twitter- 21000+ followers
Facebook – 5000+ followers
Pinterest – 5000+
Instagram – 6000

Review & Giveaway- No fee. Make sure to contact me at the email mentioned above. We’ll work out the details and I’ll provide the shipping information. Keep in mind I do NOT ship the prize to the winner, you will be obligated to do it.

Review Only– A review but no giveaway. I’m always open to reviews but I would prefer nothing under $50 to be sent to the home, I do not pay for shipping and do not return review products. I do ask for full size products in order to do a fair review, sample packets of lotion will not work. There is no fee attached to these. I do have four children living at home that will be happy to review products. (ages 18 girl, 15 girl, 11 boy, 5 yr boy.)

Just Featured Product– These are for those that do not want to do a giveaway or have their items reviewed because you can’t ship the products.  $150 sent to me through Paypal before it goes live. All I will need is the press release, what appropriate age it is for and a picture of the item.

Giveaway Only– You don’t feel like shipping a review product during this season. That’s okay but I do require a small fee of $150 to host your giveaway on my blog. There will be no personal review of this item since I will not have it. This will be paid through paypal before it goes live. 2 weeks long, I do use rafflecopter on my blog but am willing to use other avenues if you prefer. The closer you get to the holidays will mean less time for the giveaway, ie, instead of 2 weeks it may need to be reduced to one.

Text Link Ad:
1 month – $50
6 month – $275
12 months – $500

Review/Guest Post
100 word article with one text link – $75
200 word article with two text links – $125
300 word article with three text links – $225

Payment must be made into PayPal to before the ad will be placed. Contact me homemom3(@) for further information or to chat about a deal. If you’d like to send me a product for a review/giveaway I’d be more than willing to work out a deal with you.

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