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A Writer’s Dream

What is a Writer’s Dream

A writer’s dream is to become published, whether it is a book, an article, a poem or whatever. We dream of the day that we can see our name out there. For me, I have a dream of getting a children’s book I wrote a few years back (too many to count) and gave up on it after 9-11. I think it is time to get back into that whole writing game, yes I do write every week, in fact I am a content writer at the moment.

Fear Stops this Writer’s Dream

BUT I want those books published. I have about 9 books on this computer, 3 are completed, 3 more are just about and the other three are half way there. So what’s taking so long? Fear, that’s right I’m a coward. Okay, I won’t go that far but as all writers know it becomes this stage that you must overcome in order to get there. This weekend I will be planning my schedule in order to get these done, I think it’s about time. Don’t you?

A Writer will still Dream

I dream of the day I have that children’s book in my hands and I’m reading it to a room full of kids. Yes, this is my joy, I would’ve probably been a great teacher in life but I’m not as centered as most. I have to have fun in my classes and do things not everyone agrees with. There’d be animals running around, plants growing in every corner, children doing various things…I know no kid likes to just sit in a desk. yes, I miss homeschooling and this summer I get it back, even if it is for a few short weeks.

Yesterday, during my speech I was asked if I had wrote a book. My response was yes but it wasn’t published. A little girl raised her hand and asked, “So why not?” I explained to this girl it had been rejected and after a few rejections I stopped sending it out.

Her response, “Why not try again?”

Wow what a response and something that has stirred some strong emotions in me as you may be able to tell. Somethings changing inside me as I type this, I’ve got goosebumps on my arms and it is actually hot outside. What is it? Is it the fact this little girl actually sparked my creative juices and has stirred what no one else could. This little girl whom I was trying to get inspired to write actually got me to want to do my dream again?! Wow, talk about a world turning upside down. I love it. Okay, sending this to my blog and off to look for my kid book.

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