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A Shopping Day with the Cops

I know I’m sure that title caught ya offguard right? Imagine my surprise on Sunday Morning when I thought I’d go xmas shopping and hit up some sales in the paper. Guess it wasn’t my time to shop.

At first I arrived at my destination around 6 a.m. but it wasn’t open like the paper said, instead someone left the keys the night before and they had to wait for a manager to come open the store. This took about an hour. During this time I drove thru Burger King to get some breakfast, hey it was my mommy time why not. 😉 I waited just like a few other customers in the parking lot.

Finally around 7:30 they opened the doors and let a few of us in. Once inside myself and another customer noticed a jewelry display case that had been broken into. Uh oh was my first thought. There were no sirens or anything to that nature, the manager called it in and let us shop in the meantime. Yes, we actually walked through the store before they looked around. It was kind of strange walking around the store knowing someone had probably broke in, thoughts of him/her still being in there crossed my mind but I tried hard to dismiss them.

That is until the manager announced over the intercom we had to come to the front of the store and explained the cops advised no one to shop until it was searched in case he/she was still inside. Talk about getting the chills up my spine. They asked me to stick around outside so I could give my statement. In the end I never did get to go shopping, instead I wrote my statement and went home. I even told the hubby I didn’t want to finish shopping he could. For those worrying, yes it was scary but I did go back monday and get a few items, he was outside the whole time.

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