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5 Things You Didn’t know about Me…

5 Things you didn’t know about me.

I think this little game has gone around the world by now, I’ve seen it numerous times on other blogs. Now I finally get my turn. 🙂

#1- I have a tattoo, many people would never believe this about me but it is true. I got it once I turned 26. Oh, for those wondering it is on my right shoulder blade…a frog (kind of like the WB frog) that is standing upright in a Jester’s outfit.

When I Got my Driver’s License:
#2- Here is another thing many would be surprised with, get ready. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 26, and I mean that was the day after I turned 26. It is a long story, but the shortened version when I finally tried learning to drive something would always come up. Social security number didn’t match because we were married, newborn in the backseat and I burned out the clutch, person suppose to teach me to drive broke his hip and that was just a few of the things that would happen. I gave up basically, husband went to Iraq when I was pregnant with number 3 and I almost gave birth at home because no ride or sitter. I decided when he did get home I’d learn no matter what.

My Military Life:
#3- I’m a military brat, that’s right I grew up in the Air Force. My dad stayed in the full 20, retired and we lived off-base at this point where I met my husband. He graduated high school and signed up for the Marines, I would later date him again and eventually we would get married. So, I’ve been military my entire life, I have no clue what I’d do if I wasn’t military. Currently my son is in Army Boot camp so now I will be a Military Mom too.

Pregnant with #4:
#4- As many of you know I’m pregnant with number four now. He’s a boy and yes his name is already picked out. The thing you don’t know is that all my births have been under an hour or less, each one faster than the last. The first three births were horrible in the beginning with all that nasty morning sickness, this one has been a blessing. However, that scares me and I’m more afraid to give birth this time around than I ever have been. I also keep thinking that I’ve broken the birth record of the last baby each time, so does that mean I’m delivering a pizza this time? 30 minutes or your money back? Hey, ya gotta have some humor right?

Childhood Nicknames:
#5- Another fun topic nicknames. Okay, this is going to be a deep secret. Yes, of course I have a nickname but it is NEVER to be repeated. hehe. Ready? LIZARD, yep that little creature that flies across the ground almost unseen. I grew up with that nickname all through school, which is probably why I changed my name to a longer version once I got married.

Anything else ya’ll want to know about me? Ask away, this was fun.

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