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5 Things I Learned about Blogging in 2006

Blogging#1 – Persistance does pay off– As you know I’ve been blogging for a while but I was one of those that thought I’d start seeing money right away. The truth is I didn’t, but I stuck with it and I’m slowly making money. That’s not the only good news, some new blogger friends of mine took some time to make money as well and now they are making 5-6 figure incomes a month. Not bad right?

#2 – Promote your blog– How is your blog going to take off if you don’t let others know that it is out there. Out of all honesty I thought that once my blog was set up the company that hosted it.  For instance blogspot, would do it. Instead you must actually get word out.

Place your blog at the end of your emails so that whenever you send out something everyone sees it and hopefully visits. Or put it in the search engines, this tends to get a lot of traffic. Free advertising for you.

#3 – Get traffic– I learned and am still learning on how to drive traffic to my site. The number one thing I’d tell someone is to comment on other blogs. When someone comments on my blog I actually visit their link. On blogs that I visit on a daily basis I tend to view some of the other comment blogs.

#4 – Join blogging carnivals and forums– This doesn’t just drive traffic to your site but helps you in so many more ways. Ever get writer’s block? Blogging carnivals will help you overcome that. Forums are great places to ask those questions that you never would’ve asked on an open blog.

#5 – Ways to Make Money Blogging– I learned all types of different ways to make money on my blog. From paid postings to adsense and how to place them on your site. I’m still learning where to put them on the site, hope you can bare with the learning system I’m going through. But as for ways to make money, here are a few companies that I do make money from: MomSelect, BloggerNetwork/BestBuy, Activate, Linquia and Markerly. If you ever have questions on these companies feel free to ask.

As you can see, I’ve learned a lot this year and only did up to number 5. I never posted on my favorite blogs or blogs you should read, I’ll save that for another post.

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