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5 Sun Safety Tips for Summer

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Sun Safety

School ends this week where we live which means the kids will be outside more than they have the rest of the year. Hopefully, this means the sun will begin to shine more and it’ll rain less.

No matter how old we are or how careful we are, that sun will surprise us and we’ll suffer a burn.  Don’t forget that just because it is cloudy outside does NOT mean the sun’s rays aren’t coming down.  Some simple rules to keep your children safe in the sun are:

Sun Safety for Summer

1. Always apply sunscreen before going outside– even if it’s a cloudy day. Trust me on that.

2. For those with fair skin make sure to wear a t-shirt and hat when going outdoors.

3. Lather up in waterproof sunblock if kids are going in the water.

4. Apply sunscreen often, especially if your kids have fair skin or are playing in the water.

5. Keep kids hydrated to prevent summer strokes. Heat strokes are no joking matter and hard to recover from. Make sure to give them plenty of water, juice, or even Popsicles.

Make sure their summer is safe and not one spent in ER or lathered up in aloe because of burns. A small error could end up in the hospital. Burns are no fun and neither is dehydration.

Do you have any sun safety tips? We’d love to hear them.

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