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24 Christ-Centered Christmas Activities To Do with Your Family

Christmas is all about joy, service, and love. Oh and I must admit I love seeing the joy of Christmas on the faces of my kids. But I love it, even more, when I see they want to do more good for the world and that it isn’t just about gifts. It is about getting together as a family and enjoying the wonderful holiday spirit. What Christ-centered Christmas activities will you do this year?

What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas?

Christmas marks the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Everything about this time of year points to His arrival; from the lights, music, decorations, and festivities. Sure gifts are nice but we need to make sure they know who this day is all about.

Christmastime should be spent remembering why we celebrate in the first place- to remember that Jesus came down from Heaven and gave up His life for us so that we may live eternally with Him. The entire Christmas narrative points to His arrival, and if we lose sight of this, the whole purpose of the season is lost.

But most importantly, it is about keeping Christ in Christmas and everything he has done for us. Here are 24 Christ-centered Christmas activities to help you focus on Him this year! Use this as a daily activity leading up to Christmas or however else you’d like. 

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1. Make an Advent Chain of Bible Verses for your kids

Sit down and write out bible verses from now until Christmas day (25) and have them all ready for your kids to cut out, glue together, and hang up. Each day they take off a bible verse about the Christmas story. Maybe do one small craft each day with them like a DIY popsicle star ornament with glitter on it. This is the perfect time to introduce your child to some Christian Christmas Crafts that you’ve been wanting to try again.

2. Set up the nativity or a nativity craft 

We have always loved the nativity scene. Set up a nativity scene in your home so you can always remember Christ as you walk by it. If you have young children in your home, create your own, or do another fun nativity craft. 

3. Read about Christ’s birth with your family

In the New Testament, there are various chapters all sharing about Christ’s birth. Read through one of all with your family leading up to Christmas day! I love starting with Matthew.

4. Bake cookies and drop them off to a friend/family member

Kids love baking, especially with their family members. Make some beautiful memories with them this holiday season and show them how to be kind. Bake some delicious Christmas cookies, let them decorate them, and then drop them off to your friends. You can even be their own Christmas surprise elves (bagging the plate of cookies up with a little note), or stop and visit with them as well. 

5. Smile at a stranger today

You never know who is having a good or a bad day. But a smile goes a long way with a person that is really down and just happens to look up for a moment to see a kind stranger smile at them. Think of all the strangers that need love and joy during the holiday season.

Think about someone that may not get to spend time with their family for whatever reason. Christ would want everyone to feel loved, so smile and notice everyone today while you are out and about. Even if you get into a bad mood, keep that smile on and see how many smile back. You never know who may need your sweet smile today! 

6. Make a Grateful List

Christ lived his life being grateful for everything, every single day and shared his gratitude with his father. If you don’t already have a gratitude journal write down everything you are thankful for. Pray and share that gratitude with God today too! 

ex: I am grateful for the house that I live in because I know some may not live in a home. My house is warm and keeps me safe at night. Thank you Lord for giving me this place.

 7. Give a gift or two to a family in need 

Every year we donate to Toys for Tots or the Angel tree at our local grocery store. I remember the joy on my kids’ faces as we searched for that coat and mittens for a little girl. They were so excited that they asked if we could include a stuffed animal for them because they didn’t feel they asked for much. I loved watching their face as they realized they were helping someone.

With the past year being as bad as it has you can only imagine what this holiday season is like for some. You never know who is needing extra help this year during Christmas. If you see someone struggling to get presents for their children, try doing a secret Santa. Or, simply share a gift to someone you are thinking about today, no matter how small. 

8. Give to a charity you admire

Another Christ-centered activity could be giving to a charity you love? Are you able to donate to it? Find and donate some money to a charity you love. Give to one you may not have thought of before or one you know is needing extra help right now. Or just search out one. Local police stations tend to do shout-outs for people to donate toys for children in the area to have a nice Christmas. Other places are asking for diapers, canned goods, etc. If you have it in your heart to give, there may just be a reason.

9. Share about Christ on social media

Have you ever thought about how far your reach is online? Have you looked to see who follows you? Try to share about Christ on your social media today! You can simply share a picture or share all about what Christ has done for you. Or maybe your story on how you found Christ. You just never know who is watching and who it might lead to Him.

10. Pray for someone in need of help

Jesus prayed for others all the time, and so should you! It even says it in the bible. Today, think about the people in your life who need extra prayers, and then simply pray for them! Or when you are walking around town doing your errands pray for the stranger in front of you. They don’t even have to know you are praying.

11. Text someone how much you love them

Imagine waking up to a text that someone is just wanting to say you are loved. Sometimes we all need a random text for someone to brighten our day. Text someone that you haven’t talked to in a while to simply share your love for them, to check in on them.

 12. Go to church or worship about Christ

Has it been a while since you entered the house of God? Maybe the worldly event closed your church down or just got you away from it. I think it is time to try to go to church today or within the next week and get involved in worshipping Christ and all He has done for you! I don’t know about you, but once I am inside the church and singing songs of praise I can’t help but feel at home.

13. Go Christmas Caroling but not just around your neighborhood

Seriously when was the last time you went caroling? I went as a kid with our local church but throughout my adult years, we have not done that. While it is always fun to grab a group of friends or members from your church and walk through your neighborhoods don’t forget about the seniors this year.

Senior citizens living in assisted living homes do not have many visitors. To help them feel loved, noticed, and appreciated this year, go caroling and visit with them! Keep in mind that you may have to sing from outside to due worldly events. Sing songs like Joy to the World, Oh come, all ye faithful, Silent Night, etc.

14.  Visit an elderly friend or widow 

If you know of someone who is older and not in a nursing home, go and visit them! They will love this unexpected visit as you bring the holiday cheer with you! If it is a grandparent, bring them some supplies to help them make cookies, or bread and they can relive some younger days with you. Maybe get them to tell a story or two of when they were younger.

 15. Pay for the person in front of you today

Do another random act of kindness today as you pay for the person in front of you! This could be at the grocery store, getting coffee, or any other time. You never know how much they will appreciate it! 

16. Visit a live nativity scene or create your own

Have you ever been to a live nativity scene? Have your kids? So many cities will put on a live nativity scene. If there is one close to you, go visit it and enjoy this unique holiday tradition. If you have younger kids, try creating your own! 

17. Take a nature Walk with the family

It is time to go on a Winter Nature walk with the family. Get out and just think of all the beauty he has created around you. Look at how he transformed Fall into Winter.

18. Give 5 compliments to people you see today 

Compliments do more than you realize. Try to find 5 people to give a compliment to today. See how many more you can find after doing the first five! 

 19. Volunteer at a food bank or donate food

Food banks are always so packed this time of the year, and food supply is limited. Try taking some time to volunteer at the food bank. If you are limited on time, simply get some food to donate! Imagine the good it’ll make you feel but how much more it would impact your child to see how you can serve others.

 20. Find someone you can serve today

Think about someone in need you know of today. Then, find ways to serve them as Jesus would! You don’t have to purchase something if you don’t have it. But if you could make them a meal, go visit them, bring them just something that would put a smile on their face, it may do them a world of good. If you are crafty write them a card, knit them a scarf, etc.

 21. Listen to Christmas music about Christ 

Music is always so uplifting and inspiring, especially songs about Christ. Find all the Christian Christmas songs that focus on Christ and listen to them all day long. I don’t know what type of music you listen to but when I hear those Christmas songs I just want to smile all day long.

22. Write down all Christ has done for you

As you focus on Christ this time of the year, take some time to ponder all that He has done for you. Then write everything down so you can look back and remember during your hard times. 

23. Pass Out Blessing Bags to those in need

Go to your local Dollar Tree or whatever store is near you and purchase all the necessary items a person needs in their daily lives. Hygiene items, small pillow, throw blanket, socks, etc. Pass them out in little drawstring bags and let them know Christ loves them.

Maybe even have a small travel bible in the bag. Not many people know how much Christ loves them. Share His love for someone you know needs it today! 

24. Have a Celebration of Christ’s Birth

Yes, now is the time to bake up that feast and celebrate this day. Make a cake and have a great day for this is the day that he would come into our world. Let your family know what today is about!

These Christ-centered Christmas activities will help you and your family draw closer to Christ this holiday season. Share with your friends so you all can have a more joyful Christmas this year! 

Do you have any Christ-Centered Christmas Activities that you do?

I hope these 24 Christmas activities can help you keep the holiday season focused on Christ and continue to grow your faith as well as your child’s faith. Are there any activities that you might do that I don’t have listed? Please let me know, I may just want to implement them in our family traditions.

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