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1st Day of School & Homeschool Too

Wow, can you believe it is the first day of school? Well this morning was a rough start, even though everything was planned out the night before we were still going nuts around here. I think it was just that first day of school jitters though, the two oldest were picking at each other left and right. But soon everything was ready to go and I was about to release them to the world…okay not really, it was only the school bus. That is until I saw EVERYONE, including the older kids had parents out there. HOLD UP! Wait for me, I quickly threw my hair in pony tail and was ready to go. SoccerBoy was ready to stage a protest but agreed in the end, I think he realized after me seeing his friends’ mom there he wasn’t convincing me.

We waited there for about two minutes before the bus got there, the two oldest went their own way as I talked with another mom. Once the bus arrived they quickly got on, excited about the new school year and forgetting all about their arguing just ten minutes ago. “Hurry BalletGirl, get in front of me.” Oh how sweet.

The two little ones and I headed home, once inside BabyGirl went inside and finished off her pancakes. Yes, first day of school was pancakes and milk, yummy. As she was finishing up I grabbed up all her HOMESCHOOL work for today. Today is The Kissing Hand and she will be doing a painting of her hand, drawing it and of course reading the book with me. Our day will be spent in the toy room which both the two little ones LOVE. Might even add pics later. How’s your first day of school? Anyone homeschooling this year?

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