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15 Praise Songs for Kids

“Praise the LORD! Blessed is a person who fears the LORD, Who greatly delights in His commandments.” – Psalms 112:1 (NASB)

Teaching your child about praying and praising God is very important in growing their faith. Does your child like to sing? Singing is a wonderful way to praise the Lord. Trying to teach your child what it means to praise God is a little hard when they are young, but you can teach them by using praise songs for kids.

Children love to sing, it doesn’t matter if they are little children or teenagers. Trust me, I have five ranging from 8 to 24 years old. Music seems to be a trend throughout the ages.

I have learned this is definitely a way your child can learn to praise God on their own. Have you ever listened to your child sing songs about their day? Mine used to do it all the time and I would say, “That’s pretty are you thanking God for the sun?”

It didn’t matter where they were either, they could be walking to the library with me or in the car after a long day. They just loved to see about their day, the good and the bad.

What is a Praise Song?

A praise song is a type of Christian worship that uses musical instruments and the human voice. When we sing praise songs, it helps us remember what God has done, how He loves us, and brings us closer to Him. Most children love music but not always just for listening. You can help them learn by singing your favorite praise songs together. Do you have a few you like to sing?

Don’t forget to add dance moves or hand motions, kids love to get into the music and those movements last a lifetime. To this day I still remember all the moves to “Lord I lift Your Name on High” and when we sing this at church my kids have noticed I still do the hand motions.

Do Praise Songs Help Our Child Grow Closer to God?

Yes! It is good for praise songs to be part of your child’s learning. Not only do praise songs help them praise God, but it also helps them become better at it.

Should I sing Praise songs too?

Definitely! Children are more willing to praise or do something if they know that their parents would do it too. Keep in mind they once (and maybe still are) mimicked everything you did. Why would you NOT want them to copy you praising God? Ever see those clips of a baby praising God and thought they were cute? Yours will be too and God is just going to eat it up.

Boy singing praise songs, his hands up praising the Lord as he reaches up to the sky

Praise Songs For Your Little One

Many children love to sing, when they are younger they tend to love to sing and dance. The more they can move their body, the more fun they think it is. Here are a few praise songs that we have been using lately for our kids.

You are my strength when I am weak – Children will love this song because it shows how much God loves us and how He is always with us. It will also help them feel like they are not alone and that there is a God who watches over them and protects them when they praise Him. Plus, they’ll love to flex those muscles with the movements.

Every Move I Make– This is an upbeat song that’ll have the kids moving their feet and dancing and clapping around the room. We are praising God in everything we do. With every move you are moving and breathing him in. I can’t think of a better song to sing of being thankful for life.

Love the Lord – This praise song is another one that can praise both God and their parents. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart….” It has a lot of repetition, which makes it easy for your child to remember its lyrics and sing along with you.

Father Abraham – This song praises God and talks about all of Abraham’s sons, including you and I. It reminds them that we are all connected and his children. Children will love it for all the movements they do. It begins with clapping their hands and bopping back and forth. We praise him and put our hands up in a praise-like position and should right arm, lifting it up and moving it back and forth like a wave.

Deep and Wide – This praise song tells us how deep and wide the fountain of God’s love really is. His love is never-ending, it is the blood Jesus shed for our sins.

Hallelu- Hallelu

“Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah,

Praise ye the Lord.”

This is a fun song if there are more than one or two kids in the room. Have one start with the Hallelu and the other starts Praise ye the Lord, etc.

Oh Lord – This praise song shows a child how much fun praising God can be. It has an exciting rhythm that will help them get into praise music quicker than the praise songs for adults. Children praise God by either doing actions or singing praise songs, so get your little ones some praise songs or teach them a few and praise God together.

God Is So Good by Jesus Culture. Oh, he most certainly is! What’s not to praise about our God? He is wonderful! He can do all things and he is so good to us. Boy does he, I can tell you about many times he has been good to me.

Sometimes we take for granted what he has done in our lives and this is a great way to remember. As a praise song, this is the one I like that praises God for who he is. This praise song will surely put you in a praiseful mood. Your child will get a kick out of all the clapping, stomping of the feet and praising.

Thank You God – The next praise song is a praise song that we can all join in with, thank you Lord for the greatness that you have done. I like this praise song because it’s short and simple to learn how to praise God in. It doesn’t take long to sing, only 2 verses. Sometimes our praise songs are

How Great is Our God – Oh this is one of my favorite praise songs because we are saying just how great he really is. For me, as I am singing this song I can’t help but think of all the things he has done for me and helped me through. He is so great!

Praise the Lord This is a catchy song that Preschool and elementary kids will love to sing as it repeats itself. “Praise the Lord, when the sun goes up and when the sun goes down, everybody praise the Lord.” They are dancing and moving around with their hands.

This is Amazing Grace God is Great – Grace Chapel Kids: A really upbeat praise song with handclaps too. When I listen to it, I can hear the kids singing and clapping too. God is great, God is good, let us praise his name!

This is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham. This song teaches kids to praise God for his amazing grace and mercy.   

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury. My kids love when it gets to the “there’s no mountain you won’t climb up” and they pretend to climb, etc. Can your kids make some movement for this one?


I know right? You didn’t come here to get any homework. But I thought ya’ll would enjoy this little exercise. Take one of your favorite praise songs whether from your childhood or something you have learned recently. Teach your child the words, sing it to them all the time. As they get to know it be silly with them and dance to it. Make hand movements for certain words, etc.

Sing Worship Songs to your Kids at Bed

Singing at bedtime is a great way to end the day. Sing praise songs, worship songs, and make it fun for them to sing with you. They will love you for it!  Yes, I use to sing to my kids every night at bedtime but the song I sang was “Lord I lift your name on high.”

At this time I was no longer in church but the song stuck and I sang it to them every night. I also made up my own song I use to sing to them, each one love those two songs. So don’t forget singing them to sleep could be just one more slip of God time you can show them.

Teaching kids to pray means we need to teach them how to praise God too. Teaching them through song is a good start! I pray that these praise songs for kids will give you some ideas to include in your children’s praise and worship time. Before I go, what are three of your favorite songs for toddlers and preschoolers? Want to know more about getting kids to love reading the bible?

Two girls singing praise songs
Praise songs for kids with music notes as art
Kids can learn to pray through singing praise songs

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