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10 Things I Hate and Guessing You Do Too

Here’s a list of my pet peeve’s and I’m guessing a few are yours too. I’d love to hear about the things you hate.

1 child molesters: No matter what I can’t stand them. Feel free to put them all on an island away from all children.

2 children running around in the backseat of a car: I don’t know how many times I have drove down the road and seen a kid bouncing around in the back of a seat. What’s worse is when they start throwing things out the car window.

3 That person that allows their dog to run loose in the back of their pick up truck: Once again this is not the time to have a dog loose in your car. One thing if there is an accident he/she is going to get hurt. Second thing the dog running around can block your view, causing an accident. Plus if it is small and windows are down it can jump out of the vehicle (I’ve seen this happen) I know you love your dog, buckle it up, or teach it to sit.

4 parents that don’t watch their kids: This goes for everywhere, the parent that lets their little ones outside and don’t realize they’ve run off to the parent that is at the movies allowing their child to run up and down the aisle making as much noise as possible. It is a movie theater, sit down and watch it, this is not a playground.

5 Kids that run out in front of my car (I hate driving as it is). Please, please, please watch what you are doing. I know you are a pediestrian but that doesnt’ mean feel free to run in front of car to see if they can slam on their brakes fast enough.

6 unwanted advice: I know I don’t have to describe this one, everyone has had this happen I’m sure. Whether someone telling you how to raise a child, how it is you get pregnant or how to cook. If you don’t like getting it, don’t pass it out.

7 politics:  I actually do like politics but at the same time I hate them. I mean honestly do I believe in the election? I believe in the idea but come on you know the big guys will get whoever it is will be their puppet.

8 money: Money is the root of all evil right? I mean you either have too much or too little. It never seems that whatever you have is the right amount. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love having money but these days everything is so expensive.  Plus I hate discussing money with my spouse, it always causes issues. Anyone else?

9 running out of ideas to blog about:  This is always an issue for me. I hate writer’s block, I can go weeks or months without having anything to write and as everyone knows that means losing readers. Please don’t hate me. I just don’t know what I can say or what you’d like to read.

10 my computer right now:  Who doesn’t have issues with their computer. Sometimes they work and other times they don’t.

What are 10 Things you hate?

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