The Life of a Home Mom

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hey it was a quick idea.

1 I was born in Ohio. Yes, home to many serial killers but that doesn’t make every person from Ohio a crazy person. In fact there have been some great people born there, myself included.

2 I once hated California and now miss it deeply, I hope our next state we move to is there. That’s right dad, I now consider California my home…not Ohio. I think everyone begins to miss home once they become adults, they remember the happy memories and try washing anything else away. The truth is though, home really is where your family is and where you make it. My home is Indiana and I think it always will be.

3 I was born with dark hair, later it would go blonde…a few days after marriage it was colored red. Very true. My kids were also born with dark hair and would change to blonde but I have one child who had hair that did this but then after three it turned to brown.

4 I once had to get stitches…on my sister’s 13th birthday.  Lets just say this will be a memory I’ll never forget, sitting in a pile of leaves while everyone played kickball in the hopes that no one would notice my leg wouldn’t stop bleeding. I didn’t want to ruin her birthday.

5 I am a worry-wart, always have been and probably will always be. I know people hate that but you know what it is me and if you know me there is nothing I can do to change it. I worry about myself, my kids, people watching me, my husband, my family, etc.

6 I love deeply, once you are in my heart it is hard to get ya out.

7 There are few things that upset me, but those few things will make me IRATE.

8 I hate driving, anywhere, even to the store. Funny thing is I didn’t learn to drive until I turned 26, everyone told me once I learned I’d regret not learning before. They were wrong.

9 I hate to shop, unless it is online….well unless it is a bookstore. I get really anxious inside crowds to the point I begin to shake and get really dizzy. I tried to do black friday shopping a few times and once my husband had to come get me to take me out of the store.

10 I’m passionate with things that interest me …can’t ya tell.

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