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Woo Hoo I found my brother!!!

April 5, 2007 By · No Comments

He wasn’t really missing, but I have one of those split up families which means that not everyone stayed close. Okay, my sister (stepsister), brother and I all lived together so we kind of did. But once he hit 16 he went to go live with our biological mother, which basically meant we’d talk very seldom as they would move every 6 months or so. Anyways, I’d seen him a few months ago on Myspace, but then he disappeared again.

Yesterday I found my brother. He actually made two accounts there which I thought was cool at first but now I think I know why he did it. I decided I’d take a look at his pics and see any new ones I hadn’t seen yet. Oh and there were some new ones. AKK, I need to wash my eyeballs out with soap!!!

That’s right, my baby brother was without clothes. Okay, the worst part was almost all covered but it didn’t leave much for the imagination. Ickkkk! I soooo didn’t want to see my brother’s bareness. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson though, if you have family that have myspace accounts be prepared to see stuff you wouldn’t want to see. Man someone should warn family members about this. Back to washing eyeballs out.

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