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Window Mobile Smartphone

December 23, 2008 By · No Comments

Did you know Windows has a phone out? I had no clue but I guess these days it shouldn’t be a surprise that computer programming companies are coming out with them. I mean even Google has a phone now. So what’s the new phone?

Windows Mobile Smartphone, which you can currently purchase it through the link or one of three companies: VerizonWireless, AT&T or Sprint. The SmartPhone comes with:

Version 6.1, Microsoft Office Mobile, WindowsLive (which I LOVE), Windows Media Player, Voice Recognition, Non-touch Screen, tourch screen with stylus, QWERTY keyboard, 3G, WI-Fi, Internal GPS (never get lost)

This little guy will become your lifeline to just about everything and since you can access your email and make phone calls its that much easier to love. There are actually 38 devices (phones) to choose from, the newest one being a very sleek SamSung Omnia. I won’t lie, I love the SamSung phone, something about it now I haven’t tried this one but it looks very nice. The battery is even good for 5 hours of talking, hopefully you don’t need that much in one call but ya never know.

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