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Win Christmas Movies!

December 17, 2008 By · No Comments

Homemom3 is giving away two different sets of movies, one is The Classic Christmas Movie Collection and the other is the NEW classic Christmas Movies. Now only two winners will get this so you have to get in on this now, oh and did I mention there is only one day to enter.

Okay, in my local paper I read how some people are actually trying to BAN Rudolph songs and others don’t want their kids singing about Santa Clause. Why? Ruldolph teaches about how the other reindeer treated him bad. Santa breaks into your home from the chimney.

Umm, what about all the other stuff? I think it showed that no matter what he still found others that excepted him for who he was and later they’d all discover it. Santa was a very giving man, made toys all year and delivered. Come on! Well both are staying in my house and the songs will be song even after Christmas I’m sure.

Now who wants to win these movies? You will get: Gumby, Fat Albert, Casper, George of the Jungle (all the new ones) and Frosty, Rudolph, Santa Claus, etc.

To win: Leave a comment (WITH AN EMAIL) telling me your favorite Christmas carol/movie. You will need to respond to my email within 10 hours. Be ready! I’ll announce a winner tomorrow night.

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