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Why I love the Net?

September 5, 2008 By · No Comments

I love the net because no one at the other end knows when you are sick or not. But hate all other forms of communication. For the past week I’ve battled a sore throat and cough with fever. I thought I was doing good, I’d done all the myths, you know the whole:

– pump yourself full of vitamins
– take halls
– apply VICKS
– stay covered
– sleep (well I tried that doesn’t always work)

Three of my other kids got sick, one completely better by next day. Little A took a whole day, but their sister BabyGirl still has red cheeks, slight fever and starting to cough. Myself, haha, that’s not even funny.

Yesterday I was suppose to conduct an interview by phone. (now you know why I hate all other forms of communication while sick) Obviously it didn’t go well and I ended up having to ask if I could email them the questions, thankfully she was more than willing to do this. (Thanks again) As for me today, I can’t talk at all, if I can achieve anything it is a low whisper as it hurt to talk. Now I have drank 3 gallons of orange juice, a bag of Halls Naturals (I thought both would do good), nothing has worked for me. If anything I’m only getting worse.

Not to worry I promised hubby if I get worse I will go to the doctor, but not worse yet. Before he left today he made us go to Walmart with him and buy stuff. He wanted me to make sure I could eat and drink something, thank goodness we’ve known each other for years, all I had to do was make a face or a hand signal and he knew what I was saying. I ended up with lots of liquids, soup, oatmeal and of course a ton of medicines. Hey, I tried all the natural stuff and it didn’t work, time to bring in the big guns. Before heading off to work he said “no fighting, mommy can’t talk and of course told me I need to stay under covers and get plenty of rest.” He had considered getting Nitequell (sp) but I explained not with two kids. So here I am, thankfully can communicate online, but no voice to use….course ya don’t need a voice on the net. I just love this world.

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