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Where’s Santa?

December 24, 2008 By · No Comments

With only hours to go before Santa arrives at your house I bet you are hearing all types of things from your kids.

Mom, was I good this year? How does Santa know if I’m still behaving? Where’s Santa now mom?

Well for most of those you can have Santa email your kids a letter telling them they’ve behaved. Mine did and even told him what they wanted for Christmas and he’s already sent back two letters. One was from and elf named Binky and one from the Old St. Nick himself.

As for behaving I guess you can always tell them that if they don’t behave Santa will leave them coal in their stockings. hehe. That’s what I told mine. But for those of you that have a child wanting to know where Santa is you can show them his location on the Norad Tracker, we’ve been watching him all morning and currently he’s bouncing back and forth between Japan, Australia and Russia. Take a peek.

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