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What is Up with Zhu Zhu Pets?

December 3, 2009 By · No Comments

I have yet to hear my girls shout they want Zhu Zhu pets, but I keep seeing them everywhere. I went to Wal-mart a few days before Black Friday and saw an entire rack empty and on it said, “Zhu Zhu pet toys: One per customer” and asked the hubby who had no clue what they were. Later I found out these were a HOT item with little girls and even tween girls.

SoccerBoy informed me that girls in middle school had them hooked to their backpacks, BalletGirl says all her friends have them. Now we don’t have cable so this could be why we don’t know much about them. But to be honest they look like little hamsters and you collect the hamster and all the accessories like the wheel and such that go with. Am I right?

Amazon was selling them but right now if you wanted one you’d have to pay $98.58 for it. Umm, it looks like a little cat’s rat toy. Are these that popular that people will pay that price? I understood (kind of) the big ELMO craze but these?

Do your kids have the ZhuZhu pets? Tell me about them, please, I feel clueless.By the way if you notice the Amazon links I believe if you click the best price you’ll get it much cheaper than the current advertise price. Oh and yes those are amazon aff. links so I earn a few pennies per click.

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