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Lees Summmit Carnival Fun

June 9, 2009 By · No Comments

Over the weekend we stopped over at our local downtown to have a bit of fun at the carnival. On Friday we went with a neighbor and her two boys and rode all types of rides.

Here’s a list of some:

BalletGirl- Carosel, slide, pirate ship, boat spinners
BabyGirl- Carosel, slide, pirate ship, airplane
SoccerBoy- slide, boat spinners
Little A- Carosel
Oh and yes I rode the carousel with Little A and the neighbors two boys. It looked like everyone was having fun. We ended that first night at Sonics where everyone ate dinner and ended up walking in the front door (oh we walked down there too) at 10:30 pm. The following day was basically a rest and relaxation day if ya know what I mean.
Sunday (yesterday), I took my crew back down there where we’d walk the entire thing and look at each and every booth. I knew this could be too timely for some but mine really love it. We decided on a few games we wanted to play and ran to get money out of the ATM. Ooops it was broke, well not really but it was out of money so we were about to head for home. But kids spotted the farmer’s market and even though we didn’t have the funds they still wanted to take a peek. We did get to go over and the Kansas City Chief’s were there and called the girls over to get posters with signatures. They were so excited to get these, next up was a very nice farmer that gave each child a free sample of his strawberries. SoccerBoy didn’t take any but the rest of us did. I felt worse not having money and as we walked down we stopped to watch the train and someone overheard us talking and told us about another atm nearby which worked. Woo hoo!
So once we had some cash we hopped on back to the Farmer’s Market where BalletGirl insisted on buying her own batch of strawberries and I got a thing of cherries. After that we hit the games, grabbed some cotton candy and headed for home. BalletGirl did end up winning a fish, but it died two hours after we got home. 🙁 It was very sad. We stopped at Sonics before going the rest of the way home for something cool, I decided on Ice cream…which had no complaints. In the end they had a ton of fun and I had a sunburn. Before anyone says anything I did use sunblock on all of us, but it didn’t matter for me.
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