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Using Time Wisely to Spend More Time with Family

August 22, 2017 By · No Comments

Disclosure: This is a guest post, throughout this article you might find affiliate links. If you click on the links I will make a few cents. 

As a full-time working mama and also with a freelance resume business (MKS Resume Services), I try to take advantage of pockets of time that I have away from my family so when I am home I can be fully present. Below are my tips that work for me and my family:

Master your To-Do list: Every day I layout my todo list on a (very high-tech) yellow sticky note and work through each item, feeling satisfied as I cross each item off and keeps me focused on one day at a time. I keep paper lists at home for the house to organize running groceries, pharmacy, and errands.

Getting Organized:  My personal business meetings and my work appointments are combined on my phone’s calendar so I can keep track of the dual roles all of us mamas have! We also put our family plans in our shared calendars so we are never double booked.

It takes a Village- a 2017 Village: At home, I try to outsource almost everything! I order groceries online and have them delivered, Amazon – Prime Pantry helps us eliminate running errands and allows me to spend more quality time together on the weekends when no one is at work or at daycare (Thank God for Amazon Prime and their speedy shipping). I subscribe to stitch fix so I don’t even have to surf the web online to buy clothes, I send the family dry cleaning out via delivery also, they pick it up and drop it off at my front porch- no time for ironing in this house!  I also find that doing a light cleaning on Wednesdays after work helps the cleaning workload by the time the weekend comes. My next step is to hire a cleaning person to help us out.

Take your commute to the next level: I use my 45-minute commute each way on the train to respond to work emails, schedule meetings and promote on my resume business from my phone and laptop. That way when I get to the office, I can begin on projects right away.

Working it 9-5: I bring my lunch from home everyday, so I don’t have to waste time out of the office searching for food and work straight through my lunch so I can leave work on time to be home for bedtime.  I try to avoid 4:30 meetings the best I can so I don’t get stuck in the office after hours.

After-hours: Like all mamas, I wait for after the youngest one’s bedtime for catching up on work, my business and binge-watching Netflix. Maybe even have a conversation with my husband?

Working on my fitness: I try (keyword try) to run in the mornings with my dog before the family is up for the day. I also leave light hand weights in my bathroom to do a quick 10-minute full-body workout while the shower heats up before and after work. Multitasking to the fullest!

I am no means an expert, nor have I been doing this parenting thing for very long- my daughter is 14 months old, but I am always searching for quick tips so hopefully someone can get one idea that might help their busy family.

For mamas reentering the workforce or looking to make a career change, I can help. MKS Resume Services offers customized cover letters, resumes, and interview prep. Check us out: www.mksresumeservices.com

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