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The Night Knights Review

November 24, 2017 By · No Comments

Hi everyone, been a while due to being sick. But I wanted to bring you a cute little book and characters for it that is perfect for your little preschoolers. Nicoli loves reading but sometimes he gets scared at night, as I’m sure some of you deal with too. The little Night Knights characters are a boy and a girl knight (Sir and Lady Sleep-a-lot) and they like to guard your kids and go out on patrol in their rooms or walk the house ensuring the safety. They also like to goof around a bit.

Nicoli found the Night Knights inside his bucket of crayons and coloring one morning. Another morning he found them in the living room checking the backpack corner, it looks like they were trying to get in the backpacks. Other times they just slept by him, found them at his bedroom door as if they blocked it from any intruder (we have a few that go to the bathroom at night so they must’ve heard someone walking). I think he feels safe with these two little guys and he definitely loves walking around with them. Oh and as you can see Sir Sleeps a Lot also likes to sneak into the living room and watch tv.

About the Night Knights, currently, you can’t just purchase these adorable knights and their book on Amazon. But you can head over to Indiegogo and donate $35 to get the 2 Night Knights and the book.

The Night Knights Arrive
You believe in our crusade, and wish to battle the scourge that is sleepless nights. Gird your own little knights with the tools needed to conquer The Dark (room) Ages. This perk includes The Night Knights storybook, and one each of Sir and Lady Sleep-A-Lot. That’s 1 book and 2 dolls for very little gold!
Items Included
  • Sir Sleep-A-Lot
  • Lady Sleep-A-Lot
  • The Night Knights Story Book

If you’d like just the Sir Sleep a Lot Character or the Lady Sleep A Lot you can order them for $15 a piece. This would be a great gift to place under the tree for a little one. With the book and characters or just one of them, I vote for all of them though. You just can’t have a Knight without his Lady.

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