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The Completed Science Fair Project is #ProjectReady

February 4, 2011 By · 2 Comments

BalletGirl completed her Science Fair project and it is definitely #projectready. Thanks to having no school for 3 whole days she was able to take a lot of time on it. First she did a trial run on Rose Art crayons vs Crayola but learned that she must really WATCH the crayons while they are in the oven and not forget about them. Gag! The house smelled really, really bad. We let the house air out before we tried that again.

BalletGirl is in the 5th grade and it is mandatory that they do a science fair project so when Collective Bias asked if I’d like to participate in the #projectready challenge we jumped at the chance. I mean how many of you don’t use Elmer’s products. Here’s her first video, she was very nervous.

As you can see she was a bit shy, but the more videos we do the girl I know begins to peek through. Here she is describing what she is going to do and showing off the peeled crayons.

Take a peek at what her crayons look like after being in the oven for a bit. Her theme was changing a solid, into a liquid and back into a solid. She was also curious which crayon group would melt faster, one group at 200′ or many groups at 400′? Any thoughts?

BalletGirl’s science fair keeps getting postponed due to the ice storm that hit Indiana, but she’s doing up her board to show you.

Finally here is her completed project, I must say I think she did a really great job. Thanks to Elmers and Collective Bias for helping with this science fair project.

Her science fair was postponed until Monday & Tuesday of this upcoming week. We would’ve been finding out who placed today if it were not for the ice and snow. For others that are going to be doing a science fair you may want to look at Society for Science to come up with some wonderful ideas. Elmer’s is a proud sponsor of the Broadcom Master’s competition.
Disclosure: We are being compensated by Collective Bias for our participation in the #Projectready campaign. All ideas, pictures, experiments and and videos are mine.

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  1. Kim ~ CraftyMamaof4 says:

    such a great idea! She did so well in her videos too! I think I remember you saying she got a ribbon too right? very cool

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