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The Birthday Gift…

April 27, 2007 By · No Comments

Well after posting I found out that she would like ALL of my kids to come. Yes, all of them, she was shocked I was doing it in the first place. I do believe in a thing called, etiquette and if one is invited and it doesn’t list any other children on the invite they don’t come. I know some parents just don’t plan for others. For instance you plan a party at Chuckie Cheese or McDonald’s but if someone extra comes in they weren’t planned for they are sometimes left out. No, I’ve never done this with my own kids but I’ve see it happen to others.

So, now all of my kids are coming and after posting a request for birthday party ideas I decided I wasn’t just getting one. Each child is bringing a small gift, this way it is fair that they go to the party. Sounds crazy I know but instead of buying one big present between $15-20 I bought 3 little ones.

Each child will bring him their own present and they are tiny little packs of Legos, I heard he really enjoys putting Legos together.
Lego Racers
Maga Blocks Nascar
The Amazing Spiderman

Sound good? I think he’ll enjoy these, now just to wrap them up and explain to BalletGirl she doesn’t tell him today at school.

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