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That Darn Test and Other Yuckies!

February 2, 2007 By · No Comments

Okay for those that have eagerly waiting to hear I did pass, but boy did I feel sick to my stomach for a couple of days after this. My doc had someone call to tell me I passed.

Well, I may have passed that but after eating breakfast this past Saturday we drove over to Kmart to get a few baby items. We were there maybe 10-15 minutes and just got in line to check out. I suddenly got really sick, felt faint like, really hot and sweaty. Grabbed myself a water and opened it. Hubby instructed me to go sit down, apparently I had turned a really white shade and next thing I know is he is handing me my water. I guess I almost fell asleep at that little table as he had to slightly push me to get my attention. We’ve dealt with this before and normally a soda or some chocolate does the trick but this time it took much longer for me to get over the feeling and feel right. I went home and went to bed for the rest of the day. 🙁

I went to the doctor this past week for my routine check up, I have a new doc btw (mine gave birth), which means telling them all my symptoms and previous birth experiences. I asked to check the baby for weight as back in november the ultrasound lady told me he was below weight and would need to be checked to make sure he was growing properly. Well, new doc doesn’t believe in those ultrasounds giving accurate readings so it won’t be happening. 🙁 errrr. But he did feel my tummy and told me he was BIG.

There is a reason I’ve been absent from this blog for so long…I came down with a terrible case of bronchitis. When I finally went in (I thought it was a common cold brought home by the kids because of school) I was close to developing pneumonia. So, I’m still getting over that and now the rest of the house has it. I’m hoping not to get this a second time around. Ewwww.

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