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Valentine’s Day Sensory Activities

February 13, 2017 By · No Comments

It’s a little late but I bet you’d love to have a little Valentine’s Day fun with your child/children today. Check out this list of 20 fun, Valentine’s Day Sensory Activities you can do with them.

1. Valentine Pasta Sensory Bin by Life Over C’s
2. Valentines Sensory Bin and Easy Heart Craft by Jefferson Parish Parent
3. Spinning Top Sensory Valentine by Lemon Lime Adventures
4. Valentine Rice Sensory Bin by Things to Share and Remember.
5. Valentine Sensory Bin by Fantastic Fun and Learning.
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Hallmark’s Valentine Day Card Review

February 8, 2015 By · No Comments

hallmark valentine Day card
I don’t now about you but I am one of those hopeless romantics which means it is probably super easy to get me anything for Valentine’s Day because to me it means you thought about me. I know some don’t like the day but what isn’t to like. It’s a day that means you show the one person you love or care about how much you care about them.

I have always LOVED Hallmark, besides the fact all their movies have just the right touches that leave me wanting more their cards are just the same. They have this way of putting words to paper that make you feel like it was written by you or for you or for your special circumstance. Am I right?

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A Valentine’s Day Gift for Mom

February 7, 2014 By · No Comments

Indulging on the universal day of love

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for lovers of all ages, and a time for sharing romance in many different ways. While passionate affairs of the heart are usually celebrated between married couples and significant others, on a decidedly more global level, Valentine’s Day also signifies a universal recognition of love in all its forms. Indeed, the love between a mother and child is just as strong and resilient as the love between significant others – it’s also equally as profitable for retailers and manufacturers of Valentine’s Day-themed products.

Back in 2012, the Washington, DC-based National Retail Federation reported that a larger number of consumers purchased Valentine’s Day gifts for their mothers than their lovers. Of course, that probably shouldn’t be too surprising; after all, “everyone has a mother but not everyone has a lover”, according to Kit Yarrow, a professor of psychology and marketing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

valentines day chocolate

Much like deep red roses, chocolates are universally regarded as a symbol of affection. One of the many great things about chocolate is its versatility in taking on various shapes and forms. From heart-shaped lollipops and chocolate-dipped fruit to miniature cocoa-dusted truffles and chocolate diamonds, chocolate confectioneries will always bring a smile to a mother’s face on Valentine’s Day. Suria Darley-Visser, Product Developer for Confectionary at Marks & Spencer, helped create the blend for the UK retail giant’s proprietary 35% milk chocolate recipe. The exclusive M&S chocolate brand has been packaged in several classy heart-shaped boxes and elegant hampers that truly evoke the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

The vast majority of these Valentine’s Day gift hampers usually contain a bottle or two of wine. While matching chocolate with wine may be seen as a bit unconventional, a little research is all it takes to find suitable pairings for different varieties of wine and chocolate. South Carolina wine educator and consultant
Dennis Fraley bends the conventional rules of chocolate and wine pairings to create interesting harmonies of flavor.

Moms from across the globe will surely appreciate chocolate confectioneries on Valentine’s Day.

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