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My Squidoo Dashboard

October 8, 2010 By · 3 Comments

As many of you know I have taken on the task of having a bit of fun and making lenses over at Squidoo, to be honest I signed up in 2006 or 2007 but never really did anything until this year. About a month ago I really began working on all my lenses and while I must admit these aren’t exactly “HOT” right now I’m hoping they will grow to be. It’s a learning process and I’m more or less a beginner. In the forums there are quite a few Giants (those over 50 that got selected) showing off their dashboards. I’m not quite a Giant as I didn’t have the guts to apply, however I do have 57 featured lens so I’ll share mine too.

It obviously needs some help. If you have ANY suggestions I would really be thankful for it. Currently I have none in Tier 1 which is (I believe) 2000 and below, but that Croissant one comes pretty close and then gets shots out of the water. I normally work on my lenses when class is not in session or when I have a tiny bit of a break from class, which is why I pushed so hard to get so many done in a 2 week period. I’d love ya’ll to swing on by, for those that don’t know I have a Giveaway going on at the New Zhu Zhu wild bunch pets one I have. For those that do Squidoo, good luck!

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Fun-filled Weekend with the Kids

October 3, 2010 By · 1 Comment

So this was the weekend the hubby goes back to Missouri (once a month) which meant doing something with just the kids and myself. I’m sure if you’ve been reading this blog long enough you’ll know that I treasure these times, actually I treasure any weekend I get to spend with them since they are in school all week long. Thankfully they don’t go to school as long as they did in Missouri, well at least not the horrid hours (8-4pm) and Soccerboy was 7-2:45. However, if Indiana School board gets their way they will give them all year round. I hate this idea, not only because it messes with their schedule but it messes with mine and my hubby’s. As you know I’m going to college online and I get excited during our breaks but if things change I might not get to spend the time I want, not to mention the camps and fun thing we can plan for the summer. I recently wrote my thoughts about this in the comment section of The Indy Star post: Ideas sought on year-round IPS calendar Any thoughts on year round school?

On to other exciting topics! Friday the kids and I basically chilled, they went ahead and played video games, tag, read books (BalletGirl and I are reading Autumn Winifred Oliver for a Mom & Daughter BookClub) and watched movies. Each one came to me at one point asking to make a lens. Lens are these little what I call Micro-sites about a niche item. A few examples:

Squidoo Lenses Made by Us:

My First LeapPad books (created because Little A got this at a yard sale)
New My Little Pony (Made for Babygirl with her help)
Toy Story 3 Kids Toys (I actually bought this but added on to it, Little A just LOVES these guys)
The Justin Bieber Report (you guessed it, this one is BalletGirl’s as she has a major crush on him.)

Basically you create a lens, the more popular it gets and more clicks it makes you make money. Since you can add affiliate links you can earn even more. If you’d like to join squidoo feel free to click the following link and sign up under me. 🙂  Join Squidoo

Saturday was full of rain, which meant we had to stay inside. I had planned ahead of course and asked hubby to get us some goodies for a Movie Marathon. We ate chocolate, ritz crackers and easy cheese, muffins, juice and made 2 batches of croissants. Want to see some of our new croissants? We made chocolate and some cheese croissants. Next time we are trying to make scrambled eggs and ham croissants. What did you do this weekend?

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