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52 Week Money Challenge for You

January 6, 2015 By · 6 Comments

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52 Week Money Challenge
By now you’ve probably seen the 52-week money challenge on either Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ or a blog. I tend to save money fairly easy and now that the kids and I are experimenting with Crockpot meals and other home meals at home we are saving more than before. Yes, I am a penny pincher, but I still need to figure out how to best use coupons so you can bet I’ll be looking more into that this year too to save even more money. If you got a tip on coupons or some other cheaper way of doing something at home instead of buying it in the store, let me know in the comments below.

TIP: Use the Savings Catcher at Walmart. Every time you get home you just put in your TC# and if it finds another store with a cheaper price it’ll give you back the cents/dollars and it all adds up. I plan on saving mine up until Christmas. It may start off small but it grows, especially when all your doing it adding it after every time you shop. I thought it would never grow because I already by the cheaper items but it does!

Getting an Emergency Fund
Dave Ramsey tends to state, as well as many other financial advisors that the best thing for anyone to have, not just families is a $1000 emergency fund. I’m like most Americans and do not have one, so this is one of my first goals. I want an emergency fund but I also want to be able to save up money for other items I am in need of here, plus fun things to do.

How does one save up when they really never have? You do it with a bunch of others doing the same thing so  you can see others doing it right along with you. You pick up how they are doing it, what method they are using, how to coupon better, etc. You learn and grow together, sometimes couples will do it together, other times seeing another person such as a friend doing it, have a family member do it with you and see who will be there in the end race. Make saving fun!

You may want to read some of his books too: (affiliate links below)

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A Kid’s 52 Week Money Challenge

January 5, 2015 By · 23 Comments

Many bloggers around the world are jumping into the 52 week money challenge, however some are asking how to get their children involved in this but a smaller amount. I wondered about the same thing and saw a few references for ideas for kids to do it so I’ve jotted only a few down. Let me know if your child would do this and how much you think they’ll save in 2016…or what they want to save so they can buy later on.52 week money challenge for kids

Penny for the Day

Similar to the dollar per day for the adults but instead they put a penny for the day of the month it is. January 1st they would put 1 penny in, on January 17th they put 17 pennies in and so forth. Each month starts new and by the end they should have roughly $55. (I did not sit down and do each day but it will equal out to being very close)

A Dollar a Week

Have your child put only a dollar in the jar for every week that passes and by the end of the year they will have $52 saved up. This method may be done with a nickel, dime or a quarter a week, each week though you put that many in it.

If you they are on week 23 they should place 23 quarters in the jar, week 2 would only be 2 quarters and by the end of the year they would have $13 in the jar. With dimes they would have $5.20 at the end of the year, with a nickel challenge they’d end up with $2.65, with a penny a week they get 0.52 at the end of the year.
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Saving Money makes me Happy

October 19, 2014 By · 25 Comments

Today’s prompt was to write about something that makes me happy, well for me saving money makes me happy. For those wondering, yes my kids make me happy and seeing their smiles melt my heart but that’s a given so now we go to something else. Lets be serious, when it comes to me it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

To show you how happy I get I went to a book sale this weekend with my kids, it said 5 for $1 so I let my youngest daughter get 10 books for $2, she came back with $1. I was impressed and let each child get 5 books and still had more than enough. Do you have stories like this? I’d love to hear them.

saving money

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What My Son is Learning about Savings

January 10, 2014 By · 44 Comments

When I started the penny a day challenge with my 6 year old I only figured he’d put a penny in and forget about it. Or at best we’d get to count up to 31 and start over the next month. What has been happening is much more amazing and I love every minute of it.

penniesinajarLittle A is doing the 52 week money challenge for kids.  For his age I thought putting in a penny for the day of the month would be a great way to start and it would give him roughly $55 by the end of the year. This would definitely teach him that pennies add up, that saving money takes a long time and may show him that spending money on a $5 toy may not be as smart as saving it and then deciding later. I mean I’ve seen my 16 year old want something and then when I made him save up for it he decided he didn’t want it he wanted something that would last longer. So teaching the value of money to a 6 year old was something I wanted to teach.

Little A has shown me he can definitely count but he isn’t just counting 10 pennies for today. This morning he counted 10 pennies, then told me that with yesterday’s 9 he had 19 but then he went on to count up all the pennies he put in. He was doing all this with his fingers, not emptying out the jar and counting them. He figured out that he already has .55. Wow!

Little A also has pennies, dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes written on the outside of the jar that he keeps a tally of. Yes, I put in change in his jar from time to time and once a week he can count all of it up and tally it up. After he writes how many of each he has I make him count it. He’s loving this. I believe children learn more when they are having fun and enjoying it. What are some things your child has learned so far from this experiment?

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Save Time and Money Using Coupon Codes

September 7, 2012 By · 1 Comment

Save time and money using coupon codes, no matter how much money you have chances are it is never enough. I mean with kids going back to school there is a clothes expense, lunchboxes, backpacks and all the other lists that they will need for that first week back. On top of that gas prices are on the rise and we just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to milk, vegetables and fruits. Right?

Now is the time to get smart about the way you shop. Grab up those local Sunday papers and pull the coupons out, check out the local deals you have going on in the stores and see if you can save a dollar or two. Save even more time and money using websites online that have coupon codes. Believe it or not coupon codes can save you a ton of money.

I recently came across a site called MyDeals which off you tons of coupon codes so you can save money on purchases you want to make. They have a selection of categories such as Children, entertainment, gifts, apparel, travel & hotels, beauty, etc.   Not entirely sure about coupon codes, that is fine take a peek at some examples below:

Get Up To 50% Off Beauty Favorites at Beauty.com. using this deal

Get Up To 50% Off Beauty Favorites at Beauty.com. using this deal

If you don’t find codes for one company it will show you other companies that might have deals that are similar to it. I do not know about you but I love ordering products online so my kids don’t see what I’m ordering, when I can do it with free shipping or a buy one get one half off (or free) because of a coupon code that is even better. What are some items you’d like to find coupon codes for?

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